Xiaomi crowdfunds the Midian Zero Blue Music Atmosphere Light packing a Bluetooth speaker

Xiaomi crowdfunds the Midian Zero Blue Music Atmosphere Light packing a Bluetooth speaker

In May last year, Xiaomi crowdfunded the Midian Zero Blue Light Bedside Lamp which was touted to be the “world’s first zero blue light bedside lamp”. The lamp is the product of research by scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Nanchang University.

Since then, the team has manufactured a couple of more lamps that are on sale on the Youpin platform. The bar has now been taken higher with the launch under crowdfunding of a “zero-blu-ray” bedside lamp integrated with a Bluetooth speaker.

Just like successive Midian products, the lamp uses a high-efficiency yellow LED as the core and red LED to achieve a phosphor-free, low color temperature pure LED light source. The light doesn’t hurt the eyes and aid users to sleep well. Midian Zero Blue Music Atmosphere Light

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The light source of the Midian Zero Blue Music Atmosphere Light belongs to the long-wavelength band in the spectrum. The color temperature ranges from 1700K-1900K, without short-wave blue light, and the light color is soft and comfortable, improving sleep quality.

In recent times anti-blu-ray displays and light have gained prominence. This is due to the effect of blue light on the eyes. The blue light component affects the activity of retinal cells, inhibits the secretion of human gun melanin. Midian Zero Blue Music Atmosphere Light

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In terms of design, this model is more compact than the previous version, with a design that looks like a lantern. There is a light gauze covering the yellow halo and soft light to create a comfortable bedroom atmosphere.

The Bluetooth speaker can be turned on and off via a single button on the body making it possible to listen to soft music which will help users drift to sleep. Further, the lamp can be connected to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. It also supports the MIJIA app and has four different modes that can be selected via the app. Users can also set the daily wake-up time and even choose to have a piece of soft music played in the background right from the app.

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The Midian Zero Blue Music Atmosphere Light is presently up for crowdfunding on the Youpin platform and carries a price tag of 249 yuan (~$38). It is available in Smoky gray and amber colors.



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