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How to Rank Your Wix Site On Google

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Hey guys my name is Ben and welcome to today's video, I'm going to be showing you today how to rank your Wix website on google using their really awesome Wix SEO tool. SEO is kind of like road signs, road markings, and roads which lead to your shop or your website if you take away the road si...

Hey guys my name is Ben and welcome to today's video, I'm going to be showing you today how to rank your Wix website on google using their really awesome Wix SEO tool. SEO is kind of like
road signs, road markings, and roads which lead to your shop or your website if you take away
the road signs the roads and the road markings, then no one's going to know about your website
or your shop and they're not really gonna know how to get there, so it's really important that
you optimize your website, to ensure that you rank on google and start ranking higher in search because google
is actually the biggest search engine in the world and that means that most people are going to be on
they're looking for products and potentially your website. Now even if you're a complete beginner
don't worry, today's video is going to be straightforward to follow along with,
so you're going to be okay. I'm going to take you through this step-by-step process so that we can
get your website optimized. The video today has kindly been sponsored by, they are probably
the best professional website builder currently online they have got over 500 customizable website templates
which you can just edit simply using their straightforward drag and drop editor. Now
just before we jump into this, the very first step that you need to take is to of course
make sure you've got a Wix website, so my advice to you, I highly recommend is to go and click the link
in the description, that will take you straight there and you can then create and craft your website
and if you're thinking I don't know how to create a website Ben, how am I going to do
this? the good news is I've actually created a video showing you how to do this in less than
30 minutes. So you can watch that by clicking the card showing at the top of the video right now.
Okay here we go we're on the Wix dashboard section of the website and this is where we need to go
to find marketing and SEO. We're going to click on that and this is going to open
up the section that we're going to be looking at today. Now one of the most important things
when you're optimizing your website is to think about getting it out there on the search engine.
The biggest search engine out there is google and you actually have a certain area here that says
"get found on google" so this is what we're really going to be focusing on today,
getting your website optimized so it can get found on google and then you can start ranking
higher and getting more viewers visitors and hopefully sales. We are just going to click on
get found on google, now your section may look slightly different from mine but it's going to be
the exact same information, that you'll need to add in, so first up you should see general info
and it will say a business or site name you're going to need to add that in and then click go
the next section which is going to show up is going to ask you if your business or your
the website should I say is a local website so it's one in a local area where you're going to get
most of your customs there or alternatively you can click on which is basically telling Wix that
you're actually going to be an online website, so you're going to be a blog or an e-commerce
website or a portfolio or photography website, whatever it is you're just online and it's important to
click the right option for yourself so make sure you click the right option for your website here.
Next you're going to see keywords, this is really important now I've already added mine in
what this is, is this area of your site is going to be where google will come in and it will really
look at your website and decide what it is. What information you're going to be providing on google
and really it's going to decide where to put your website all based on these three keywords, so it's
really important to get the right keywords here. Now I highly recommend that you go and
check out something like google keyword planner this will help you get the right keywords based
on your website and this is something which is really important to do like i said so don't skip
on that. So now I've actually chose my three keywords here, photography courses, lightroom
presets and photography. Now what if I chose these three because my website is all about photography
I sell photography courses so here we go and also I sell lightroom presets.
I'm just going to click my region here which I didn't add in I'm just going to put England
UK and then I'm going to click save. Okay so now we're gonna find ourselves in the
really important bit which is to go through the step-by-step process to start getting our website
showing up on google and ranking better. Now what I love about this is you actually have the
steps to go through, it's been laid out really simply so that if you're a complete beginner
you can really just follow along quite comfortably and know where you're going and not get lost.
So we're going to start with the first step here which is to set the home pages title for search
results. I'm going to click go for it now what it does is it actually gives you some guidelines here
it gives you a recommended title which you can use if you want to so here it says lightroom presets.
So I'm going to click copy on this because I think that that's a good recommendation by WIX
and then it gives you an arrow telling you where to add it, so at this point you've got to go to the
editor to add this in to your website now this is really easy to do it gives you a link to go to the
editor here and then you've just got to go ahead and add it into the right part on your editor.
Okay so we're going to go to menu and pages here,
then we're going to go to site menu and
then you can see the pages that i've got on my site and then i'm going to choose home
and finally seo google.
All we need to do now is we need to make the changes here
so at the moment we've just got home Ben's guide so we want to change that so I'm just
going to come down here click on this and then press ctrl v because i've copied it
and now I've got lightroom presets Ben's guide and it's as simple as that. So when you've done that
you want to go ahead and click save up here make sure you save it because then this is going to
save it on your website and when you've saved it you can then just head back into the dashboard
and go to step 2.
If you want to you can press refresh and then it's also going to show you that it's done as well
there you go press refresh we've got a tick which means that we've done that correct. The next step
is to add the home pages description for search results another very important part of SEO is to
add in a description which is relevant to the keywords you've added to start with. So if we click
go for it it's going to explain to us here what we need to do so we need to include at least one
of your keywords one of the three keywords at the start. Include your business or site name and keep
the text between 50 to 300 characters. Okay great so once again we're just gonna head over to editor
and then we're going to change this inside the editor. Now we've already got this opened up here,
so we just want to make sure that we go to the description instead of the title. So here we've
got the title which we changed and then we're just going to scroll down to the description, here we go
so now we just want to add in some text with the guidelines that were just provided.
So what am I going to put not on the spot at all here guys so I'm going to go with the text,
okay so you can see that I've used my business name that's the one thing that they asked for,
you can see that I've used one of my keywords, photography and I've actually used another one
of my main keywords at the end as well, which is lightroom presets. So that should be pretty
relevant so I've done what they've asked me to do. Now I've just got to go and click save again
that's saved brilliant and then we just want to go to the dashboard once again
and then just press refresh and if we've done it correctly we're going to get that
nice big green tick show up and there it is fantastic. So it's saying now that I've actually
done some of the other steps so the home page is visible in search results and the
site is mobile friendly. Now this is a very important step that you need to
get right, making these so the site sorry mobile friendly why is this so important? Because
you now have 60 % of people on the internet are using their mobile phone to search for websites. 60 %
the other 40% are computers so if you're actually not optimized for mobile phone you're missing
out and a massive chunk of potential customers for your websites you've got to make sure it's
mobile friendly. How do you do that you're probably wondering? Well the good news is it kind of happens
in the process of building your website. So when you're actually designing your WIX website they
are really good because inside the editor if we just go here click this off you will see that
you've got these little options at the top desktop and switch to mobile. So while you're designing
your website which you probably already know about but i'm just going through this with
the people which haven't done this yet, you're actually also designing your mobile website
and WIX makes sure that it's mobile friendly and that is super important so really that should be
ticked anyway when you're going to the options and you shouldn't really have to do anything about it.
So if we go back to the dashboard the next thing to do is site is connected to a domain now I've
already added my website to a domain here but if you haven't done that in the process you just want
to go through this and make sure that your domain is connected. Now this is really easy to do because
Google and WIX are kind of connected already so it's not a difficult process it's something you
can do nice and easy. The next step is to make sure you connect to go to Google sorry search console
and the reason this is so important is because we've mentioned Google is the biggest search
engine and has the most visitors. Step two optimize your site pages for search engines.
Now this is not something which I'm going to go through every single step of this here because
if you've got multiple pages on your website this could take a while but it's definitely
worth doing because this will make the difference between having a website that no one knows about
and a website that potentially lots of people know about so you've just got to go through your pages
and you've got to make sure that they are optimized. You've got to do the
pages title you've got to do the description and also the text just like you've done
with the home page here so it's just going through that process with each page on your website and of
course make sure you click view more otherwise you won't see the rest of your pages on there.
Step three is very important you see SEO doesn't just stop there it's something that
you need to continue to do, now don't worry it's not something you need to do every single day
and constantly be worrying about, but it is something you need to keep on top of. You do
have a guide, an SEO guide which WIX has provided you with which is something that you can follow
and keep up to date with. I will say though that if you're someone that doesn't have the time maybe,
maybe you're someone that doesn't want to think about SEO past this initial setup
process you do have the option to hire a WIX SEO partner and that is actually really useful for
some people which have the availability to do that. We've now gone through get found on google
this is probably the most important part of SEO on your website getting found on the biggest search
engine out there is super important and ranking your website just by doing these few simple steps
is really just the main thing that you need to focus on. You do have other things you can do
of course you've got SEO tools here which you can go into and just like the main get found
on google area we've just looked at, each one of these is easy to follow you can just go through
and WIX kind of hold your hand through the process making it easier if you're a beginner. You've got
to do SEO, you've got to optimize your website and there is no better place to do that than WIX.
I really hope you've enjoyed this straightforward guide of how to optimize your WIX website and take
care of the SEO you should now know that it's actually really straightforward and very simple
to do and at the same time it's very important, so it's something you really have to take care of
now remember, if you haven't yet created a WIX website and you've got to this point
watched all of this and you haven't done that yet then you need to do that.
Go ahead click on the link in the description where you can go and create your beautiful WIX
website right there. I want to thank everyone for watching the video today and hopefully
it's added some value and really helped you out if you were looking for this and whatever you do guys for the rest of the day make sure it's a good one and I'll see you in the next video.

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