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Erectile Dysfunction In Men.
Erectile Dysfunction In Men.
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A more difficult situation is the presence of psychogenic problems (depression, stress, psychological trauma, chronic fatigue, etc.). With pathologies of a mixed type, both of the above factors become the cause. Usually it is accompanied by a fading interest in sexuality. Most of these patients retain an erection in the morning and the possibility of self-satisfaction, and the characteristic disorders are observed precisely in the process of intimacy with a partner.





Erectile dysfunction in men, resulting from pathological changes of an organic nature, develops gradually. Quit smoking as soon as possible, for example, you can join a smoking cessation program to kick the habit once and for all. Studies have shown that smokers are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction compared to non-smokers. Smoking contributes to narrowing of blood vessels and negatively affects blood circulation, which can lead to erection problems.





Quit smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products. Man is the only biological species on our planet that can maintain an erection for a long time. Violation of this ability is an important medical and social problem, leading to loss of self-esteem, family conflicts. This is the so-called psychogenic erectile dysfunction. There are psychological, organic and mixed erectile dysfunction. It has been shown that erectile dysfunction in 80% of cases has an organic nature and arises as a complication of various somatic diseases.





In any case, if problems with potency arise, it is necessary to seek qualified medical help without prejudice and hesitation, since often more serious pathological conditions are the basis of sexual dysfunctions. So, erectile dysfunction can occur with endocrine disorders, such as diabetes and hypogonadism, or be associated with various urological diseases, lesions located in the cerebral cortex of the centers of regulation of sexual functions. Usually, disorders of sexual function are not independent diseases, but exist and develop as concomitant ones.





Erectile dysfunction caused by these reasons is classified as organic. In many cases, erectile dysfunction is associated with neuropsychiatric disorders. If earlier various psychological problems were considered the main cause of its occurrence, now this opinion has changed. Sexual opportunities of a man It should be noted that in sexology the quantitative characteristics of the constituents of "male" strength have not been determined. It is noted that the average duration of one sexual intercourse is 2.5 minutes, and the total number of frictions during coitus is equal to 50-60.





It is impossible to say exactly the "exact" limits of the duration of sexual intercourse, "normal" limits of the size of the penis and a certain number of copulatory frictions. However, these are not indicators of the norm, as in some men sexual intercourse lasts 30-40 minutes, reaching 300 or more frictions. The concept of a norm. This may require an ultrasound scan, a blood test and a bacteriological smear. If you do not have inflammatory diseases, your doctor will refer you to an endocrinologist and prescribe hormone tests.





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