Itel ITW-60 Earbud Review and Price

Itel is known for its budget smartphones in Nigeria. As a Hong Kong-based company, Itel has marked its presence on the Nigerian market with a number of smartphones and other gadgets. One of the company’s latest accessories is ITW-60 earbuds. Real wireless earbuds add an increasing number of accessories from several mobile brands.


Itel ITW-60 earbuds cost 11,000 Naira and are available online and other distributors for purchase. Several features make the TWS earbuds a favourable choice and a few factors that miss the mark.

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This detailed review discusses the scorecard of the itel earbuds and helps you choose whether or not this is right for you.

Body & Design

The design is one of the first things I liked about the Itel ITW-60 earbuds. We’ve seen a lot of genuine wireless earbuds on the market, but a lot of them have flawed prototypes. The most notable issue that users face with TWS earbuds is that they keep dropping off and never remain in place. You won’t have the problem with Itel ITW-60.
Similar to the original Apple AirPods, the style of the earbuds is stark. We’ve seen plenty of earbuds, like the Realme Buds Air, that are similarly built. With a matching white charging case and a pair of TWS earbuds, the Itel earbuds also join the list. The charging case is also lightweight (weighs 31g) and if appropriate, can easily slip inside your pocket to bring around.

Another aspect that I liked about the itel earbuds is how they snug comfortably into your ears. With this pair, the size of your ears doesn’t matter how comfortable it is to sit, no matter what. Most of the time, it’s either too tight for small ears or it’s falling out of big ears. But here, I found that it was pretty good for different types of ears.

Sensitive Controls

TWS earbuds require very sensitive touch or gesture controls as they skip wires and physical buttons. ITW-60 earbuds score well when it comes to the sensitivity of the controls. Like all controls, you might need some time to get a hold of it.

Two taps pause/start the music, and a single tap answers the call and double taps end the call-on either of the earbuds. The volume controls are divided between the earbuds, where the volume increases on the right earbud and the decrease is controlled on the left. Changing tracks are also similar, the next track is controlled on the right ear, and the previous track can be played via the left earbud.

Audio Performance

Coming to the performance of the itel ITW-60 earbuds, I must say it’s pretty good. There’s no mention of active or passive noise cancellation, but the earbuds certainly filter out all external noise, especially at a mid-volume level. There’s also no mention of bass, which is another drawback. Instead, the earbuds offer a 3D Sound, which is pretty great. For the asking price, the itel ITW-60 earbuds offer clear audio output.

Answering calls is also seamless with the earbuds. Some of the earbuds I’ve used before like the Zebronics Zeb-Soul or the Blaupunkt BTW Pro earbuds were quite uncomfortable and difficult to use for calls, requiring me to switch to the phone’s audio. On the other hand, the itel ITW-60 is crystal clear when it comes to calls. Video calls, particularly, is something that can be enjoyed with the TWS earbuds as it surpasses the hassles of a wired earphone and gives you privacy during your video calls. Be it calls or music playback, the experience is enjoyable on these earbuds.

When it comes to TWS earbuds, having a good battery is another important consideration. The ITW-60 earbuds pack each a 35 mAh battery and draw power from the 500 mAh battery case. The company claims that this battery should easily last up to two and a half hours of music playback and up to three hours of talk time. It also says that earbuds can last up to 35 hours of standby time. The company notes that the battery case will take up to three hours to fully charge.

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Overall, I agree with most of the company’s claims. In fact, the playback of music stays for more than two hours. This would also depend on a number of factors-the volume of the earbuds being on them. If not in use, I would have put it back in the case, which would have refuelled the earbuds for further use. Speaking of the case, this too, requires approximately three hours to be fully charged, which is synchronised with company claims.


For the ITEL ITW-60 earbuds, there is some tough competition. Equally priced earbuds from Realme, Noise, Jabra, and other audio brands are building a tough battle for itel earbuds. However if you’re looking for a pair of affordable TWS earbuds that’s comfortable to wear, has a powerful battery, and offers a good audio experience-the ITW-60 is a great choice.

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