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Workiko Scam not Legit, Forget the Hyping

Workiko Scam not Legit, Forget the Hyping

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The post Workiko Scam not Legit, Forget the Hyping appeared first on DesirePaul Network.

Workiko Review, Workiko Scam or Legit, Paying or Fake

Hi Peeps you are Welcome to Today’s Post on Workiko Review, Workiko Scam or Legit, legal, working, Paying, Real or Fake, Genuine or total Hyping.

In this post we are going to work in a way that you will fully understand this Platform called Workiko. And in this review you will know for sure that Workiko is Scam and not Legit.

So let’s get started.

Workiko Review

Start earning/working Online is a global desire. Many people especially those who work in the IT sector are working from home.

It simply means home-based work is possible due to the Internet and technology. A website named Workiko also offers home-based jobs. Workiko Review will explain the work of this website.

One of my friends start working on a company he found on the Internet. There he has to fill the Captcha all day. Based on the number of Captcha completed he will receive the money. After one month he received 50% of his income.

He continued his work as it is the easiest way he knows to make money, doesn’t matter he received only 50% of his payment.

Next month he didn’t receive any money. He complain about it to the company, but the company didn’t reply to him. He gave the ultimatum that he will not work anymore.

Now, the company threatened him that he signed an agreement with them, if he doesn’t work for them then they will sue him. After getting the threat he contacted me and explained his problem. I gave him simple advice i.e., don’t give them any reply.

They will not be going to sue him, simply because their work is illegal and they are not going to come forward and reveal their identity.

Scammers are more afraid than normal people, that is why they hide their identity. One mantra people must learn here is to know a site is legit or not, try to know about its owner. If the owner or team member details are easily accessible then the site is good.

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Workiko Scam

What is Workiko?

Workiko.com is a website that offers an easy way to earn money. On this platform, people have to watch videos or ads and earn for clicking and watching them. The money is good and work is easy. It is as easy as filling the captchas.

The general question that comes to people’s minds is that is Workiko a scam? or is Workiko a genuine place to work on? The direct answer is simple, that is, Workiko is a scam site. We will prove it and it is not hard to understand its work.

Our intention behind the Workiko review is to make people around the world become aware of the modus operandi of online income scam sites.

Why is Workiko a Scam?

Information Not Shared

The owner of the website is not known to anyone. It is the common factor found on scam websites. If owner information cannot be shared then they must tell about their team members who are managing this website.

Scammers never reveal their identity, for obvious reasons. And we should always strive to know about the owner’s information.

The point is simple, genuine employers never hide his/her info from its employee. The more the information is shared, the more transparent is the company.

Not just Workiko’s people intentionally hiding their information but they also guarded their info in WHOIS records. Any website where money is involved should not be trusted without checking the owner’s details.

Easy Task Trap

Many giant companies working on the internet gave employment to thousands of people.

They hire people for their skills and knowledge. Big companies have more money than many small countries still they never offer easy ways to make money.

The sites like Workiko offer an easy ways to earn online income from home, only because people believe in this idea.

Earning from Home-based jobs is possible but it is not easy. Workiko has no business model to explain how they are able to give good money for just watching and clicking the ads.

Scam sites offer easy tasks because they want to tap the majority of people around the world. If they ask for some particular skill then their audience will be very narrow.

But when sites offer typing jobs, watching ads job,s and other similar easy work, then they get a global audience.

Easy tasks offered by many websites are already reviewed by us in our Online Income Scam category.

Real Scam is Referral

Websites like Workiko explain that the money they offered came from the companies whose ads they are showing. Companies instead of giving promotional money to some PR company offer the same money to people directly using their platform.

This logic seems correct and people also believe in it. The problem arises when members don’t receive their income. Workiko website’s main work is not to provide jobs to its members.

They want its members to bring more members. It is possible that they will release the income of some members. We are certain that the majority of people will not receive their income. It is an old trick of scam sites to make their members accomplice of scam.

Duplicate Content

At first look, we had doubt on Workiko’s site work, but we become certain about it being a scam when we checked its content. Workiko site has used the content of some other websites. They should be penalized for using copied content.

While checking the duplicate content we found another similar scam site named Paidtool.com. Both websites are scams. Both are 100% identical. Scammers never waste their time on creating new content for their websites.

They just copy-paste the same content under different website names. Just check both sites i.e., Paidtool and Workiko. Except for the name no variance will be found on these sites.


Workiko website is totally a scam site. It is not a genuine place to work on. Also, never share your information with them.

Please share this knowledge with others. This way you can help us to make people aware of common red flags found among scam websites. Any doubt about Workiko review or others is more than welcome. Share your thoughts with us.

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The post Workiko Scam not Legit, Forget the Hyping appeared first on DesirePaul Network.


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