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Walletpays Review ( Walletpays Scam not Legit)


The post Walletpays Review ( Walletpays Scam not Legit) appeared first on DesirePaul Network.

Walletpays Review, Is Walletpays Scam or Legit, Paying or All Hype

Hi Buddies, We are discussing today on Walletpays Review, Is Walletpays Scam or Legit, How does Walletpays works, Who is WalletPays CEO or Founders and so on.

Before we talk about Walletpays, Let me use this opportunity to announce that making money online is quite easy this days as alot of Platforms that allow you to make money online by just doing simple tasks flood the internet.

You can Earn from the comfort of your house, everyday a week while doing the things you love. Watch youtube, Tiktok vidoes, give a simple review and get paid instantly to your mobile wallet. Some sites will allow you to make money by reading article, posting and commenting.

Wonderful right??

But the question is, this so called Platforms are they Legit or Scam, Paying, Working, Genuine or All Hyping. This is one of the reason we make honest review in this website so that you don’t waste your time and money investing on worthless platforms.

And this give birth to Today’s post (Walletpays Review)

Walletpays is a team of dedicated and talented individuals willing and able to change the future of we humans.

Walletpays enables you to get paid by completing easy day to day tasks on the platform. Tasks may range from watching and reviewing videos, reviewing mails visiting and rating websites.

In regards to the growing need for business reviews, the Team behind walletpays developed the app to solve the problem. In addition to that, users get to do various transactions such as send money to each other for free and pay for other goods and services online.

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What is Walletpays

WalletPays is a revolutionary crypto ad network that links brands with users from all around the world.

Users are paid to watch videos, write reviews and ratings, complete surveys–and more!

With WalletPays you can earn your favourite cryptocurrencies by doing micro-jobs for popular brands worldwide.

WalletPays is an advertising platform that enables top-of-mind awareness for customers in a short amount of time.

They connect your brand to millions of users instantly, and they have crypto savvy users who can take paid online jobs which allow them to make money while keeping the brands they interact with constantly on their mind.

How Does WalletPays Work?

WalletPays let’s you earn by completing daily tasks such as data entry,campaigns and videos ads.

But, first, you should register and verify your account.

You’ll then proceed to complete the presented tasks daily and the amount automatically credited to your account.

You’ll then be able to withdraw when your balance reaches the minimum threshold according to Terms and Conditions.

Please note that free accounts aren’t allowed to make withdrawals.

Do you grab the last Sentence??
If you don’t understand I do, A must to upgrade else you won’t withdraw.

What are The requirements for me to make withdrawals?

To withdraw your earnings from WalletPays, you must have an upgraded account and at least 20 USD in your account. Withdrawals cannot be made if you do not meet these requirements.

Additionally, referrals are NOT a requirement to make withdrawals – even with zero referrals!

You see the Logic here, Telling you that the platform is not some sort of game ground. You must upgrade to withdraw LOL…. Something is Fishy on this point too.. If I were you I will be careful..

Keep reading. Let’s go to the real REVIEW. Please check out the Informations, The DATE and So on..

Walletpays Review

Check out the these things before you involve yourself with Walletpays..

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Walletpays Domain Information



Domain Id:


Ip Address:

Registrant Name:

Whois Privacy

Registrant Organization:

Private by Design, LLC

Registrant Country:



Porkbun LLC

Registrar IANA ID:


Registrar Whois Server:

Registrar URL:

Registrar Abuse Contact Email:

Registrar Abuse Contact Phone:


Registered On:

Date: 2021-09-02 Time: 15:51:53

Expires On:

Date: 2026-09-02 Time: 15:51:53

Updated On:

Date: 2021-09-02 Time: 15:51:54

Domain Status:



Name Servers: – –

Walletpays Country Representatives

These are the said Country Representatives that represent WalletPays.


4 Representatives


19 Representatives


3 Representatives


1 Representatives


3 Representatives


2 Representatives

Burkina Faso

1 Representatives


1 Representatives


1 Representatives


1 Representatives


1 Representatives


1 Representatives

United Arab Emirates


3 Representatives

Saudi Arabia

2 Representatives


1 Representatives

Walletpays CEO/ Who are the Founders of Walletpays.

This is disappointing as the Founder or CEO of Walletpays is hidden from the public, not even the users of the platform knows about it, We can’t tell if the CEO is a Male or Female. Unfortunately you and I is kept in the dark. No one knows the CEO LOL. Or do you know the CEO because I don’t.

Still on the Walletpays review, You will be the one to tell if this Platform of making money online is Legit or Scam.

Keep reading the Review.

Is Walletpays Scam or legit.

Its becoming alarming how make money online platforms hit the internet everyday, In as much as some are legit I can’t include this one to be legit…

There is something i don’t understand about this platforms, Why are they almost the same. Just like some trending platforms like TUNEGAGA and Videospays. Tunegaga even disappeared to the thin air with just a blink of the eye.

To be honest, I can’t advise you to invest in any of this Platforms as it’s too Scamming to be legit.

Walletpays Payment Proof.

I don’t wanna sound like am 100% against the platform but this is not a genuine payment proofs, This is something any website developer or designer could do. There is nothing unique here for me to believe the platform is legit….I don’t know about you my readers.

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Walletpays Review ( Walletpays Scam not Legit)

Walletpays Review ( Walletpays Scam not Legit)1640147410 992 Walletpays Review Walletpays Scam not LegitWalletpays Review ( Walletpays Scam not Legit)


I don’t know but one thing is certain that this platform is not trusted. The Platform is too new to be legit and the similarity between Tunegaga, Videospays and Walletpays is just too much to be legit.

Reason this with me…….

How Much Can I Earn on WalletPays?

The potential earnings you can receive from just signing up are between 11.20 – 735 USD per week depending on which subscription package you choose to upgrade to!

Do you understand this??

Read this too..

What is minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 USD.

Smiles, Do you know why am smiling? Because this minimum withdrawal amount is the same amount you will use to upgrade to a plan and that mean one thing, You will not be able to make withdrawals at all.

Now read the next line.

The finance team needs to be able to process these transactions, and the small number of withdrawals helps avoid excessive bank charges when handling micropayments (small individual payments).

Once your account balance reaches at least $15, you can request a withdrawal without having to worry about fees or other barriers.

Do you understand the Psychology behind this Statement?

You upgrade with $20 to be able to withdraw $15……Twist of Fate…..Smart guyz.

Apart from all of this, I will say the platform is too new to be trusted because this make money online scheme was launched 2021.

Anyways I will end the review here but I will keep updating you if anything good come out of Nazareth. Meanwhile I will like you drop a review on the com box below. What do you think about this platform.

And of course, thank you for stopping by.

The post Walletpays Review ( Walletpays Scam not Legit) appeared first on DesirePaul Network.