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Videospays Scam, Tunegaga VS Videospays Review


The post Videospays Scam, Tunegaga VS Videospays Review appeared first on DesirePaul Network.

VIDEOSPAYS Scam not Legit

Videospays Review, VIDEOSPAYS Scam  not Legit and I have my reasons for saying it. They are not paying, Working, Genuine, it’s all Hyping. Relax and Read to the end.

,VIDEOSPAYS is an online rating and reviewing site for Movie Trailers offering Passive income to our users.

And you are expected to watch videos and earn on this New Ads and Movie Rating Site.

They have partnered with Film Sponsors and advertisers to provide you with many videos for you to Rate, Earn and WITHDRAW.

Yes the lies to make it look Unique I guess.

So in this review you will get to know everything about Videospays and what I got from my research about Videospays choke me as Tunegaga been the Founding Father of VIDEOSPAYS.

And at this juncture I became curious to know if this so called Platform will be legit, real, working, paying, genuine or Scam. I sense that this platform is another big scam, Forget all the Hyping.

Because at the day goes by new online money making platforms will surface and we don’t know which one to go for as the number of Scammer sites surface.

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Let’s get started.

Videospays Scam



VIDEOSPAYS is a private company based in United States.

They have partnered with leading video and movie companies to bring you a platform that ensures both the advertiser and viewers are able to benefit and earn.

They are already certified in USA and many other countries in the world.

They promise to continue expanding and will soon be able to get advertisers and viewers all over the world.

This is the Hyping about LOL. Certified in USA.

Let’s now go to Tunegaga, The Father Platform.

What is Tunegaga is an online earning platform that Claims to pays it’s members money for watching video on their platform.

According to the Platform “Tunegaga is a platform that PAYS YOU money for watching online videos! Probably you have been trying to work on some online earning sites before to try make money. You do a lot of small tasks but you never actually see the $$$.

Tunegaga is different, instead of “earning points” and withdrawing gift cards, Tunegaga is very clear and transparent about how much real money you will earn for every online task you complete & you can withdraw it directly to your wallet in $$$.

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How does VIDEOSPAYS and Tunegaga Works



As an advertiser, they give a platform where you can upload your content to  10million users worldwide to view and rate your content.

In this manner you will get traffic for anything you advertise with them and get more sales with the platform.



As a viewer you get commission from watching videos from advertisers which is shared between the company and the viewer.

They pay per video watched and rated. It is easy Register now and take a package and start earning.

Do you think all of this will happen?

How Does TUNEGAGA Work?

It’s really easy. After you create an account, they’ll send you an activation code on your email, you watch a short video on Tunegaga Tv and then get paid ₦164.31 to ₦328.61. You can choose to work on the Free Plan.


Login to watch a short video on Tunegaga TV


You’ll get paid a minimum of ₦164.31 up to ₦328.61 for your full attention. You don’t earn when you open other tabs when the videos are platform


When you reach ₦8,215.29, withdraw it to your Bank Account or Bitcoin wallet every Payday on Tuesday & Friday.


Share your referral link with a friend & earn more from him/her for every video they watch.

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VIDEOSPAYS Scam Not legit/ Tunegaga Scam

Oh no Tunegaga is the Father of VIDEOSPAYS, Tunegaga after the Scam alert has bring forth yet another Scamming new platform.

I made a post about Tunegaga been Scam with references to Trustpilot and today I discovered that Tunegaga is shut down.

This guyz are really on the mission to Scam people. At Tunegaga they used the people brain by allowing some people to receive payment in other to bring more users and as they upgrade to their plans you will be stranded, no way to communicate and at the end you will be left with no choice than to leave.

With all those shit they have come with Videospays

Don’t you ever fall victim this time, There is nothing genuine about VIDEOSPAYS, And one of the reason I will never agree with them is, because they are also the founders of Tunegaga that is recently shut down. That is to say they are Scam and not Legit.


Thanks for stopping by to read my VIDEOSPAYS review, Tunegaga finally Scam alot of people and Videospays is here again. What is your say about Videospays, do you think is genuine because i don’t think so.

Please drop your review about Videospays at the comment box below, it will be very helpful.

The post Videospays Scam, Tunegaga VS Videospays Review appeared first on DesirePaul Network.