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TV Bandit Reviews: Is TV Bandit Antenna Legit Or A Scam?

TV Bandit Reviews: Is TV Bandit Antenna Legit Or A Scam?

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The post TV Bandit Reviews: Is TV Bandit Antenna Legit Or A Scam? appeared first on DesirePaul Network.

We all know how expensive subscription rates can be. The cost of subscribing to cables, netflix, Iroko can be quite high. Also, purchasing electronics like Apple TV, the Firesticks, and the DVD player are always costly and we don’t even want to discuss the stress levels involved when any of them experiences a fault.

As a result, people search for a simpler and cheaper way to reduce their bills and get rid of all electronics. This led to the use of the TV bandit antenna.

Tv bandit antenna is an innovative and inexpensive device that is changing the way people use media. It is a solution to watch HDTV for free and it is legal.

I know you will be wondering if this device really works

So, To satisfy your curiosity, we will show you how the TV bandit antenna works, and if is legit or a scam in this TV Bandit Reviews. You need to relax and read this review to the end.

The table of content above gives you an overview of what the content is all about.

What is A TV Bandit Antenna?

A TV bandit is a new antenna capable of receiving up to 100 channels or more completely free and legal. It is created by a US company.

The antenna is developed with military technology and it uses a design that offers a more reliable and technologically advanced antenna than almost any other on the market. Which means more free channels, movies, and shows without subscription legally.

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TV Bandit Review: How Does TV Bandit Antenna Works?

The first thing people wonder after getting to know about it is how does this antenna work. It’s easy!

Simply plug your TV bandit on any TV. All connections are added to the package. Then on your TV, run a channel scan from the Menu of your TV and within 10 seconds you can watch your favorite shows.

You might be wondering how can you watch this for free? The secret lies behind a law that no television operator in the world wants you to know.

This specifies that they must provide, and according to it, every operator needs to broadcast an unencrypted signal along with the conventional signal.


You can watch TV channels 24/7 for free, all in Ultra HD. Also, note that the optimal range is within 75 miles from broadcast towers.

Weather and other environmental factors can also have an impact on reception, but thanks to TV Bandit’s advanced technology, this should not affect you very much.

What sounds too good to be true is yet a reality. That’s why people all around the world are switching to this device.

But before cancelling your cable or satellite subscription, it is important to note that there are some channels that are not accessible with this antenna. But later, you will receive 85% of the top watched shows on TV.

How Much Does TV Bandit Cost?

I know you will be thinking that is very expensive… No is not. It is a onetime investment because you will only need to pay while purchasing it.

Once you have made the purchase, you won’t have to pay subscription bills or any other charges. You can easily get it under $50, which is nothing in return for what you are getting here.

TV Bandit Reviews

Where Can I Buy This Antenna?

Getting it is not a difficult thing. You can easily order it directly from the company or any shopping stores.

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TV Bandit Reviews: Is TV Bandit Antenna Legit Or A Scam?

Several reviews from the users show that TV bandit is legit and not a scam. Its use is entirely legal since the television operators themselves distribute the signal completely free of charge.

Clearly, television operators dislike it at all, but they can do nothing about it. They are required by law to maintain this signal. And now, with advanced antennas like TV Bandit, you can finally capture it.

In addition, the device is great, but not perfect. You won’t face any issues when using it.

Pros And Cons Using The Antenna


  • The device is a one-time investment
  • Razor-thin antenna
  • It is easy to set up and operate
  • Lightweight and has a decent range
  • 1080P high-definition
  • Great reception and crystal-clear clarity
  • Also, it has free channels


  • Customer service is lacking


We hope you found this TV bandit review useful, if you are searching for an alternative for cable and or satellite subscription, switching to this device will be a great idea. Also, you will enjoy free channels by bringing the channel home.

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The post TV Bandit Reviews: Is TV Bandit Antenna Legit Or A Scam? appeared first on DesirePaul Network.


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