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Studypool Review, Is Studypool Legit, Paying or Scam

Studypool Review, Is Studypool Legit, Paying or Scam

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The post Studypool Review, Is Studypool Legit, Paying or Scam appeared first on DesirePaul Network.

Hello buddies Welcome to Today’s on Studypool Review, In Studypool you EARN MONEY ANSWERING HOMEWORK QUESTIONS. You can Earn up to $7,500 USD monthly working from home tutoring students.

Studypool is a site that all tutors and students should be bent on joining. … It has created a conducive work environment; that’s why tutors are able to provide quality work and on time.

Trust me, Studypool pays good money for job seekers, and I think it is the best site for both tutors and students.

Studypool is now accepting tutors from all over the world! There is no more language barrier, As everything related to language as been sorted out.

Studypool is the trusted service provider of over “50,000 Tutors”

So in this Studypool Review you will get to know everything Concerning Studypool like how does studypool works, Is studypool legit or Scam, Studypool Payments, Why tutor on Studypool? Why do Studypool has an Honor Code etc

Make sure you read this review to the end.

So without wasting more time let’s get Started.

Studypool Review
What is Studypool

Studypool is an online marketplace that connects students with questions with tutors that can answer them. Getting stuck on difficult problems is at the heart of learning, yet students can get so frustrated that they give up and lose their passion for academic subjects. Studypool addresses this issue and keeps the learning process going.

How does studypool works

  • Upload Document

Upload class notes, old homework, exam/quiz prep, zip files … etc.

  • Get Approved

Our system reviews and approves uploaded documents for quality.

  • Viewed by student

10’s of millions of students search and have access to your document.

  • Earn money

You earn up to 10$ every time a student views your document

Studypool Payments

Studypool makes getting paid easy for tutors. Tutors can withdraw their earnings via various methods as listed on the withdraw page.

Withdraw requests are reviewed by Studypool and typically take 1 business day to be approved. Requests submitted after 4:00 am GMT on Friday will be reviewed on Mondays (unless Monday is a holiday). The amount of time it takes for tutors to receive these payments varies by method.


Outstanding refunds are for questions that have been refunded after the Pending Balance has been transferred to your Balance. We deduct outstanding refunds when you withdraw your earnings. Like all refunds, outstanding refunds are approved when the tutor’s work is deemed not satisfactory by the Studypool Team.


Studypool has a lower commission rate than other tutoring platforms. The commission rates range from 15% – 33%.

Why tutor on Studypool?

There are many reasons to make Studypool your go-to source for online tutoring work. Learn More.

Lowest Service Fees

Starting at 20%, Studypool charges the lowest service fees in the market. We like to give our tutors what they earn! Learn more

Reliable Income

Make good money using nothing more than your knowledge and your keyboard.

Full Freedom and Flexibility

Choose when to work and where you want to work from. There’s no boss, no office and no quotas. Create your own Schedule.

Why do Studypool has an Honor Code

Studypool goes above and beyond to help you not just pass a class, but expand your education by connecting you with world class tutors and study material. Our services—video tutoring, in person tutoring, homework Q&A tutoring, Notebank material, and Study guides—should be used as academic resources for students.

They believe that efficient online access to tutors and rich learning material is essential in today’s learning environment.

They are dedicated to providing high quality academic resources to help you learn more effectively, and we are equally committed to ensuring proper usage and protecting ownership of those resources.

While they believe that the high majority of Studypool members use the site in the manner in which it was intended, they ask that all users upon registration confirm that they have read, understand, and agree to comply with Studypool’s Honor Code. They also ask students to consent to our Honor Code when making any new request for our tutoring services.

Honor Code

By joining Studypool, users agree to the following:

  1. Using Studypool services to complete tests or homework assignments is strictly forbidden and a violation of our honor code. Studypool tutors shall not prepare, offer to prepare, cause to be prepared, sell, or distribute a term paper, thesis, dissertation, essay or other written material for you.You are not to submit any Studypool material as your own for academic credit at any school, public or private college, university, or other institution of higher learning.
  2. They expect their users to act with academic integrity. Therefore, anyone who misuses our site for the express purpose of cheating and/or claiming another user’s content as their own will be met with appropriate action, including account termination for repeat offenders. “Misuse of our site” includes, but is not limited to:
  • Plagiarism by copying solutions directly from Studypool resources and submitting them as your own.
  • Uploading another person’s materials to Studypool and claiming them as your own.
  • Using Studypool tutors to complete tests or homework assignments when instructed not to use outside help.
  • Offering to prepare or complete any tests, papers, or other assignments for other users.
  • Approaching or asking any other user to prepare or complete any tests, papers, or other assignments that you will be submitting for credit.
  • Preparing or completing any tests, papers, or other assignments for another person, that you know, or should know, are to be submitted for credit by the person.
  • Using Studypool in any manner that violates your instructor’s or institution’s academic Honor Code or other academic policies.

The stance on cheating

Why you should not cheat:

  • First, by stealing someone else’s ideas, you’re not bothering to learn the material yourself. You’ve shelled out a handsome sum in tuition, and cheating only erodes the value of the education in which you’ve invested.
  • Second, you will likely get caught. Many universities leverage sophisticated technologies to scan for plagiarized material in student submitted work.
  • Third, the consequences are severe, and for many institutions convictions of academic dishonesty can result in probation, suspension or even expulsion.

Studypool Contact Details for Feedback and Reporting

They welcome suggestions and feedback on how they can improve their Honor Code. Please contact them here.

Studypool urges any violations of their Honor Code to be reported to report@studypool.com

Is Studypool Legit or Scam.

Studypool is real legit according to what I got from my research.

Is Studypool Legit, Paying or Scam

Check out these online reviews.


Recently started working here and it was a really good choice! Friendly environment, everyone is respectful and nice. The workload is fair and you feel like taken part in the important stuff!

Studypool is the best place to be! Awesome working hours and benefits! Super friendly environment and every day is like a new day at work!


What a great company! Fun and interactive coworkers! Everyone takes your and their job seriously! Everyone works together to tackle everyday struggles.


I have been working at Studypool since they have started the business. There are many advantages of working here. The main advantage for me is the team. Everyone is genuinely so supportive and wants the business to do well and succeed.
When you start working for the company you very quickly feel that you are part of the team and have been there forever!
Open communication format, extensive availability of training and professional performance development opportunities.


Best place to be! More pay and work guaranteed if you can deliver! The leadership team is hardworking! I’m confident in them!


One of the best freelancing websites on the web. Studypool operates with a high level of transparency and professionalism such that clients get the best quality they deserve, and tutors are well rewarded for their effort.


Studypool has been a great company and I just love the management team, customer support and the way they embrace the culture. I love working at Studypool as a tutor and I have helped may students handle their assignments without any struggle. Long live SP.


I have had excellent experience with Studypool. To me, it is the best tutoring site. Initially, I used SP as a side hustle but today I solely depend on SP as a source of income and have been able to achieve a lot in life. I like the way mods handle disputes whenever they occur. So fair and just.


Studypool experience has been great, they offer an excellent platform for freelancers with a higher wage rate, in time Payment, 24/7 support and all possible assistance that increase the creativity of a writer. I love the customer support and how queries are attended to. |


This is the best site ever. First of all, all admins are online to make sure our issues are sorted out. About withdrawals, they say it takes 3 days to reach your bank but mine sometime takes hours. I mean when they say 3 days the maximum time it can take is 2 days. Thank you Studypool for understanding our needs.


The best freelancing site in the market very competitive and engaging. At studypool you abilities are not limited because you are offered equal opportunity with other tutors.


Studypool has a way to nurture both tutors and students. The platform has helped in intellectual growth by challenging one to research and get more information in current affairs and various disciplines.

The rules and regulations are easy to follow and help one to develop internal discipline on how to handle issues professionally. Studypool also rewards talents on the tutor’s end especially when delivering quality and timely assistance to the students. I would recommend Studypool as the best platform that helps the tutors meet the students’ expectations. Good work team!!!


Hey guys! Thanks for such an amazing platform where we can express our opinions as far as Studypool services are concerned. Fast and foremost I would like to appreciate the existence of Studypool online services. Personally, I am a beneficiary of Studypool services.

When I was both in high school and university, I could get all my assignments done all the time excellently. if it were not for Studypool, then I would not be whom I am today.

Customer service and tutor-student relationship is just amazing. It?s the only platform that guarantees safety of your money thus yielding top-notch and excellent work from the ever-dedicated tutors. It?s a platform that I can overwhelmingly recommend to the current learning students.

Conclusion on Studypool Review

We have come to the end of Studypool Review and we would like to hear from you as well.

Meanwhile, Thank you so much for stopping by and we do appreciate your review about this platform, Do you think Studypool is legit or Scam…… Help us drop your review at the comment box below.

The post Studypool Review, Is Studypool Legit, Paying or Scam appeared first on DesirePaul Network.


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