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Oh No,Tunegaga Fake not Real


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Tunegaga Fake not Real, Legit or Scam, All Hyping.Tunegaga Reviews

Hello Friends, Are you one of those that have been hearing about Tunegaga or maybe you are new to it. (Tunegaga Fake) This question as been the other of the day as Tunegaga Promote new artist on its platform were user watch videos to earn.

And then Everybody seems to be curious, even the users that have been credited by watching videos. They want to know if Tunegaga will pay out as claimed or all Hyping.

Okay here is an honest review, This review will let you know if (Tunegaga Scam) and we want to let you know if Tunegaga is legit, Real, Paying, Genuine or Fake, Maybe we can call it scam as you may name it.

But before you name it scam or legit, Read to the end.

Let’s get started and hit the jackpot.

What is Tunegaga is an online earning platform that Claims to pays it’s members money for watching video on their platform.

According to the Platform “Tunegaga is a platform that PAYS YOU money for watching online videos! Probably you have been trying to work on some online earning sites before to try make money. You do a lot of small tasks but you never actually see the $$$.

Tunegaga is different, instead of “earning points” and withdrawing gift cards, Tunegaga is very clear and transparent about how much real money you will earn for every online task you complete & you can withdraw it directly to your wallet in $$$. To check out how much you can earn please click here to compare our plans.”

How Does Tunegaga Work?

It’s really easy. After you create an account, we’ll send you an activation code on your email, you watch a short video on Tunegaga Tv and then get paid ₦164.31 to ₦328.61. You can choose to work on the Free Plan.


Login to watch a short video on Tunegaga TV


You’ll get paid a minimum of ₦164.31 up to ₦328.61 for your full attention. You don’t earn when you open other tabs when the videos are pplatform


When you reach ₦8,215.29, withdraw it to your Bank Account or Bitcoin wallet every Payday on Tuesday & Friday.


Share your referral link with a friend & earn more from him/her for every video they watch.

How Can I Get More Earnings on

Once you signup on Tunegaga you get a Free Account that you can use to start earning immediately on Tunegaga.

If you would like to upgrade to any of our premium plans you can do so at anytime. You can also refer friends using your unique referral link and earn upto ₦10,269.12 daily from your referral. Compare Subscription Plans Here so you can choose which to go for.

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How to Make Tunegaga Withdrawals

Cashing out on Tunegaga is easy. In order to withdraw, you need a Bitcoin wallet, Perfect Money account or Payeer to withdraw direct to your bank account.

If you don’t have any of the above you can download their apps on the Android or App Store or simply visit the websites to open an account for free and choose the withdrawal method that best suits you.

To withdraw tap on the withdraw button on the quick access links or on the My Money tab and choose the payment processor you are comfortable with then proceed to cash-out.

Once you submit your withdrawal request you will receive a confirmation code via email which you will enter on the withdrawal page to confirm your withdrawal.

The withdrawal request is sent to our finance team for processing & if all the payment details entered are correct you payment will be processed within the day. You will receive a confirmation email immediately the funds are sent to your wallet.

Please note that withdrawals are on Tuesdays and Fridays and the minimum withdrawal is 20$.

How to upgrade my Tunegaga account?

You can upgrade your Tunegaga account, which allows you to get more daily tasks daily with our available payment processors: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Coinsph or Visa/MasterCard. To upgrade you first need to deposit the amount needed to upgrade to your Tunegaga spending balance.

When Do I Get Paid on

At Tunegaga, they have bi-weekly payments to ensure their members have a constant stream of income. You can withdraw your earnings every Tuesday and Friday.

After withdrawal all funds are sent to the chosen withdrawal method or wallet shortly.

I just give out everything you need on Tunegaga and now is the sweetest part of the review. 

Keep Reading!!!!!!

Tunegaga Fake

Is Tunegaga legit?

Here comes the big question of the day, It been a top question and guess what I dish out what reviewers said on Trustpilot.

Here is the link to the reviews on Trustpilot

According to:

Clayton Miller

This Tunegaga worked for a short while

This Tunegaga worked for a short while, but in the last week it gave a lot of problems. Deposits into Tunegaga never appear and when you contact support, you don’t receive any reply. Also struggle to go into the website the last 2 days. I was a happy user for almost 7 weeks, but not anymore.

Reynante Catingub

This tunegaga app and viewing videos to…

This tunegaga app and viewing videos to earn money is been greatly to help people to gain extra income

Zeus Jherome Coligado

Got my first cashout so..

Got my first cashout so… 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


The earlier you invest, the better.

I have been a member since Nov. 30. As of this writing, December 13, 2021. I have a 13th-day old STANDARD account. Yes! You got it right! I have invested money on this website! From Nov. 30, 2021 to December 13, 2021, I was able to withdraw my earnings for almost 3K PHP and looking forward for more earnings to come in the future. I never regret investing here. The earlier you invest, the better.

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Andrei marc silutan

They paid in currency and btc 100%

They paid in currency and btc 100%. Thanks tune gaga! Larga mga kagaga!

Jovelyn Dacalcap

After my cash outAfter my cash out, there are problem in my account. The videos are already watched but I did not watch yet. And the earning are not increasing. It is the same. On my third day my earn

After my cash out, there are problem in my account. The videos are already watched but I did not watch yet. And the earning are not increasing. It is the same. On my third day my earning must be 600 but then it is still 383. I don’t know why


Mark II

The platform is as legit as it gets

The platform is as legit as it gets. They pay as what they promised.

Vilma Marvil

This is great.

This is great.. I received my payout within the time frame given. Thank you Tunegaga.


This REALLY gets suspicious !!. TuneGaGa &

This REALLY gets suspicious !!.

Does this NOT LOOK alot like TuneGaGa when you go to THIS website over here : https:// priceplans

hmmmzzzzzz Something fishe going on here i think !!.
Other poeple fall into the trap IT’s getting TO hot with PAYOUT problems and HELPDESK problems with TuneGaGa & maybe they think LET’s start something new MAYBE they will FALL for DAT to ?????

I dont trust it BUT hey i am NOT a person to go over 1DAY ICE

Joselito Cabron

So far, so good.

Never had issue logging in with tunegaga. Use Chrome browser if you guys are having issue on the app. There was delay on payout for the past 2 instances.

Took 10 hrs on my last withdrawal before it got credited to my wallet. So far after 5 payouts I was able to recieve them all. Still finding TuneGaga recommendable…to those who are willing to take the risk.

Mayette Ngo

Beware of Tunegaga!

I joined this because the reward really is enticing and tunegaga guarantees in a month you can get your money back with earnings. I got the premium plus plan. At first I was successful getting payout or withdrawals. But I noticed that on my 3rd week, the server is very slow especially during payouts on Tuesday and Friday.

Others saying it was the large volumes of more users during payouts. Processing of payout already took a day or more to reflect to my Watching videos became a challenge, too, since I was always logged out whenever I clicked on Start Earnings.

But last Friday, Dec 10 was my worst. As early in the morning, the site was down, erratically unstable and unresponsive. I could not watch and withdraw.

It kept on logging off. I emailed, got an advise from customer support to reset password. I followed and it was bad. After that I am always automatically logout.

I sent email telling my dilemma but just got a copy-paste reply, and giving me instructions on reset password. If I made follow up email, I will be ignored. Same with chat. It will only reply at first on how to assist, then after, no reply comes.

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I feel it’s just an autobot and really no live person is replying on concerns. I am already on my 4th day as of writing of not been able to successfully login because of auto logout.

My uplines just telling me to wait and be patient. But how could you be so patient when no one is attending to my concern and taking actions? Not even given a reference ticket which would appease me that possible technical team is working on it.

I know there is something wrong in my account when I looked closely on the address it returned. (can’t paste the link here but something as status.aspx?type=logoutok&id=logout)

I already raised this to customer support to look closely on the status of my account as possible setup issue. But again I can’t get a good response except 2 types of auto response.

Payment is ongoing and mine is on queue (which I wonder since I wasn’t able to do withdrawal) …. and to follow instruction link to reset password and pin. When again made follow up I am simply ignored.

So please be extra cautious since you may end up on a trap of losing more money. I am only on 55% of returned of what I paid. Since I could not use it for 3 days and counting, got a big amount of money loss on premium plus account.

Still a hard earned money for me. Red flags are poor customer service and poor site performance. If this is legit as they say, tunegaga should invest in security and making a better and reliable site. They should also have support for client satisfaction.

They just added a feature of trading cryptocurrency but how can you invest there if the site sucks?

How would you trust bigger money to do investment if they can’t handle the volume of usage on their site?

So be very cautious as this may be a scam. Ain’t easy money a sign of it? I learned from this the hard way.

Pieter Otto

I done a deposit on Friday 10/12/2021

I done a deposit on Friday 10/12/2021. Up to now the money don’t show in my account.

After I done the deposit and the money didn’t show in my account after two hours I tried to do a withdrawal and that also failed. No money was paid to me. I sent support a couple of messages and mail with no response from them.

Today when I wanted to send support a message again I noticed that they haven’t been online for 23 hours. I’m sure this is a scam and that the Tunegaga teem took your money and ran.

I believe there won’t be a other pay day from Tunegaga. Think twice before you do any deposits. You going to lose your money.

Wowwww how did you see the review so far, Do you also think Tunegaga is Scam? The ball is in your court now.

The post Oh No,Tunegaga Fake not Real appeared first on DesirePaul Network.