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Is Axie Infinity Scholarship legit or all hype?

Is Axie Infinity Scholarship legit or all hype?

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The post Is Axie Infinity Scholarship legit or all hype? appeared first on DesirePaul Network.

Hi and welcome to Axie Infinity Scholarship, If you want to start playing Axie Infinity without breaking the bank, or if you simply just don’t have the resources yet, you may want to have a look at Axie Infinity Scholarships.

Is Axie Infinity Scholarship legit

What is a Scholarship in Axie Infinity?

A “scholarship” in Axie Infinity is when a manager/breeder gives out a free Axie team to a scholar. The scholar will then play the game using these Axies to earn Smooth Love Potions in behalf of the manager while taking a cut from the earnings.

Take note that Axie scholarships are not official in-game features—these are done outside of the game client or dashboard.

Scholarships became popular in the Axie community because:

  • There are veteran players or breeders who have lots of Axies but cannot use them to earn SLP (playing multiple accounts is bannable)
  • There are aspiring players who want to start playing but don’t have the resources to buy a starter team.
  • Managers can also help the scholars learn about the game, especially since NFT and cryptocurrency games are still relatively new and complex.
  • To maximize the earnings of both parties, managers should provide tips on how to farm SLPs efficiently, or the best combos and cards in Axie Infinity.
  • Finally, scholarships are a great way for beginners to learn about the complicated processes when playing Axie Infinity, such as how to manage crypto wallets and how to cash out SLPs.

How to Play Axie Infinity for Free?

Sky Mavis, the developers of the game, have previously announced that they are working on a free-to-play mode to invite more players.

In fact, they’ve already been testing the design for giving out free Axies. Unfortunately, they had to hold off on releasing these F2P options due to the unexpected surge of new players.

Luckily, there’s still another option for players who are eager to start earning while playing: Scholarship programs.

What is a Scholar in Axie Infinity?

A “Scholar” in Axie Infinity is a player who receives a free starter team from a scholarship manager and earns in behalf of him/her.

If you are an aspiring Axie Infinity player but you don’t want to break the bank for a starter team or don’t have the resources to buy Axies, you can opt to become a scholar.

The earnings are then divided on an agreed upon percentage, usually 60/40, 50/50, or 70/30.

Scholarship programs are a win-win scenario for the community—managers with extra Axies can earn passive income while scholars can start playing and earning without spending a single dollar.

How to become a Scholar and Play Axie Infinity for free

To earn a scholarship and receive a free starter team of three Axies, you’ll need to:

  • Look for managers or guilds who are hiring Axie scholars
  • Contact the managers and tell them you are interested in applying as a scholar
  • Once accepted, get your free Axies from your manager and start playing!

To become a scholar in Axie Infinity, you will have to look for breeders or managers with lots of extra Axies who are also looking for scholars.

Some players or entrepreneurs form “guilds,” where they invest on lots of Axies and hire scholars to earn SLP in behalf of them for passive income.

As you might have guessed, these managers invested a lot of money for their Axies. Giving out free Axies is like giving out free money as well.

And how would they know if they are able to get their return on investment (ROI)?

This is why most managers or breeders only give scholarships to someone they trust. If you have friends, relatives or coworkers who are managing Axie scholarships, these are great starting points.

Where to look for Axie Infinity scholarships

If you don’t have friends or family who are managing scholarships, you are left with no option but to look for scholarships in the Axie community.

Here are some places to check out if you want to apply as an Axie Scholar:

Axie Infinity YouTubers and Content Creators

However, as an aspiring scholar, you will need to show and prove to potential sponsors that you are trustworthy and deserving of being given a free starter team.

After all, why would they give out free Axies to a random stranger on the internet? Again, this is why it’s easiest to look for someone you already know and turst.

Most guilds or managers even have application processes where wannabe scholars need to fill up a form with their information and background.

Think of it like submitting a resume for a job application, except the job is playing a video game that lets you earn money!

Is Axie Infinity Scholarship legit or all hype?

To answer the question above: Yes! Axie Infinity is legit.

While the usual concept of farming, breeding and turn-based battling is present, the game’s nature is far more complex.

It can be deemed revolutionary in the modern gaming scene since it has gamified the trading experience of crypto enthusiasts.

Unlike traditional titles that were solely made for entertainment and stress relief, the earning potential of the platform makes it a sound investment option for many, especially gamers.

Fortunately, you can play for free and earn a decent sum by registering as a scholar. But if you’re looking to dive in and build your own team, you’ll need to purchase three expensive Axies in an ever-changing marketplace.

To show you how active the game’s economy is, the most expensive Axie sold for approximately ₱6,620,000 late last year.

But much like any other financial instrument, you need to be careful with how you handle your assets.

To be clear, we are not financial advisors and this article is not meant to provide financial advice in any way. Similar to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, SLP’s price is extremely volatile so there is a real risk of losing money.

Setting trends aside, taking a moment to step back and evaluate your financial capabilities will be very important. Knowing how much you’re willing to spend can be a good way for you to figure out if diving into the game will be worth it.

In case you decide to push through, doing so will also allow you to determine your game strategies more effectively and make it easier for you to maximize your investment.

Being stuck indoors has given people more free time on their hands. Apart from streaming movies with reliable prepaid WiFi promos, the country’s youth—and even the kids at heart—often spend their days playing games.

If you want to rank up and climb the leaderboards, you’ll need to power yourself with strong broadband connectivity.

The post Is Axie Infinity Scholarship legit or all hype? appeared first on DesirePaul Network.



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