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34 thoughts on “Firevip Review: ⚠️ Scam Exposed ⚠️ | Don’t Invest | Read Why”

  1. I’ve actually received payment on the platform but I’m saying that the platform is 100% legit because we haven’t gotten enough evidence of the ownership of the platform. But it pays and your money drops in your account after 24hrs of withdrawal


          1. More than 48 hours now, or let me put it, going to 78 hours now and I haven’t received my money in my account,, I pray and hope I have not been scammed

  2. I transfer 4200 from my fire up account to my kuda bank account it is saying successful in my fire up account but it’s not yet seen in my kuda account

  3. I have received payment from from firevip but it withdraw takes 24hr to drop to your bank account. so I here by conclude from my perspective that firevip is a legit platform because they have not scam me or any of their users. we have platform where we share ideas about the platform if you have any issue they will resolve it for you immediately. Thanks 🙏

  4. To my review and research about the business I can’t say it is 100%legit, but it does pays it investors I will say 60-70%legit,let just keep our eyes on them for now.

  5. its definitely a scam but if the developers were smart enough i see a better future for the platform cos it has different ways of generating revenue that can sustain the platform for the next 50years

  6. I withdraw from my firevip account to my kuda account up till now the money is not reflecting in my account but it’s showing successfully in my firevip account,what could be the problem

  7. My firevip dashboard withdrawal request is showing successfully yet my kuda microfinance Bank account is not credited,this is the second time in a row. I think the site is a scam

  8. (5)

    I haven’t seen the one I withdraw from Firevip since yesterday upto 30hrs now.
    My mind is telling me that Firevip is SCAM

  9. I just hope this site is not a scam I made withdrawal yesterday around 8am and till now nothing it’s still writing pending chai I don enter one chance,this country and scam nawa

  10. I made a withdrawal yesterday in the morning around 8am and till now nothing has happened it’s still pending, this site has scammed me it’s more than a day now nonsense

  11. Right now i don’t know what is wrong with firevip weather they have scarmed us ir not,for some days now no payment,since this August,firevip what is happening now

  12. Try withdrawal since the past two weeks now. I have three deferent withdrawal no one delivered while on firevip it’s showed withdrawal successfully. With all the hardship in Nigeria still scammers take the little the average and the poor have. Never again. Play bets instead.

  13. Firevip is a total scam I placed a withdrawal since 2nd of August in my Kuda account and up till now have not received my money and since yesterday now the revenue is not adding up after watching the advert

  14. I gave up it is understood now we brough ourselves to die, Firevip is completely scam i withdraw but norhing up to yet… Sorry oh.

  15. I paid 4000 from my mobile backing account into Brigssmart account number 9971214980 but it was not updated into my FireVip account means my 4000k is gone just like that

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