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Dreamlifeforum.com.ng Review (Is it legit or scam?)

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Making money online has now become a great attraction in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians are looking for legitimate ways to earn money online, and for a long time, many platforms have sprung up claiming that members can earn money online legitimately by performing some task.

Most of these platforms pay in the beginning, but in the long run, these platforms fail, with some people cashing out and others losing their hard-earned money.

Dreamlife Forum is a platform that claims to pay its users for watching videos on their channel and sharing sponsored ads, allowing them to earn money while doing so.

All you need to know about Dreamlifeforum will be covered in this review, including “is Dreamlifeforum Legit” and “is Dreamlifeforum Scam.” “How Does Dreamlifeforum Operate? “Dreamlifeforum Registration” “Dreamlifeforum Login” “Dreamlifeforum Withdrawal” “Dreamlifeforum Registration” “Dreamlifeforum Login” “Dreamlifeforum Withdrawal” “Dreamlife “Dreamlifeforum Plan/Packages” “Dreamlifeforum Referral” “Who owns Dreamlifeforum.com?” and other questions about Dream life forum will be discussed in this post.

What is Dream Life Forum and how does it work?

Dreamlife Forum is a platform that claims to pay users for watching videos on their channel and sharing sponsored ads in order to earn money.

Dreamlife Forum is designed for people who want to achieve wealth and financial freedom but are unable to do so due to a lack of financial expertise.

According to the platform, “Dreamlife Forum is a social media platform which enhance in out and in advertisement there by making income from it and pays her members every due“.

To earn on the Dreamlife forum, you must first subscribe to one of their available plans/packages, then subscribe to their channel, watch their video for about 30 seconds, and then like it.

Dreamlife Forum Plan/Packages

The following packages/plans are available in Dreamlife Forum

Vip 1 (Basic plan)

  • Daily Bonus: NGN 267
  • Investment Amount: NGN 5,000.00
  • Duration: 30 days

Vip 2 (Premium Plan)

  • Daily bonus: NGN 514
  • Investment Amount: NGN 11,000.00
  • Duration: 30 days

Vip 3 (Standard plan)

  • Daily Bonus: NGN 1034
  • For 30 days
  • Investment amount: NGN 21,000.00

Vip 4 (Golden plan)

  • Daily Bonus: NGN 2434
  • Investment amount: NGN 52,000.00
  • Duration: 30 days

Vip 5 (Advance Plan)

  • Daily Bonus: NGN 3667
  • Investment amount: NGN 82,000.00
  • Duration: 30 days

Vip 6 (Contract Plan)

  • Daily Bonus: NGN 7400
  • Investment Amount: NGN 165,000.00
  • Duration: 30 days

Vip 7 (Finance Plan)

  • Daily Bonus: NGN 14667
  • Invest NGN 330,000.00
  • Duration: 30 days

Vip 8 (Shareholder Plan)

  • Daily Bonus: NGN 28667
  • Investment Amount: NGN 660,000.00
  • Duration: 30 days

Vip_9(pioneer plan)

  • Invest: NGN 1,060,000.00
  • Earn: NGN 50,334.00 daily
  • Duration: 30 days

Vip_10(Starter plan)

  • Invest: NGN 3,000.00
  • Earn: NGN 167.00 daily
  • Duration: 30 days

Dreamlife Forum Registration

To register on Dreamlife Forum the following details are required:

  • Click on https://dreamlifeforum.com.ng/
  • Input your First name, Last name and Email Address
  • Input your preferred password
  • Put in your referral code, if you were referred by someone to the platform
  • Click on REGISTER.

Dreamlife Forum Login

To Login on Dreamlife Forum the following details are required:

1. Email Address

2. Password

Dreamlife Forum Withdrawal

To be able to withdraw on dreamlife forum, you must have a minimum of NGN 4000.00 in activities earnings and a minimum withdrawal of NGN 300.00 in referral earnings.

Payments and withdrawals can be made using the following payment methods: Paystack, Bank transfer, and TRX.

Note that you will be charged 7% from your withdrawal.

Dreamlife Forum Referral

Referral is entirely optional in Dreamlife Forum, but if you do choose to refer new members, you will earn N150 per referral.

How to deposit on Dream life forum?

To deposit on Dream Life Forum, you must deposit or transfer cash or Tron to the following accounts:

First Bank Account Number: 3153571551
Account Name: Muhammad jamiu kamarudeen

While for crypto payments, send the Naira equivalent of Trx to this Tron address: TNqvVXWWpELbju2EPrDt9k22jDYn6g2vqp

After a successful transfer or deposit, proceed to the payment dashboard to upload proof of payment so that the admins can confirm payment.

Who is the owner of Dreamlifeforum.com.ng

The owner of dreamlife forum wasn’t disclosed on the website.

How can I contact the admins on Dream life forum?

You can contact the admins via Whatsapp by using one of the three Dreamlife forum contacts listed. +44 (442) 309-2476, 08123452861, +44 (4243720987)

Is Dreamlifeforum.com.ng Legit or Scam?

The Dreamlife forum has not been identified as a scam website. In whole or in part, there have been no complaints about the platform.

However, if you have any personal experiences with this platform, please share them with us in the comments section below.


Thank you for taking the time to read my Dreamlifeforum.com.ng review. Please leave your questions and comments in the comments section.


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