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If you are reading this, you have likely heard about making money online opportunities on and you are excited about the prospect of trying out their platform.
This is a brave step to take, but you must read reviews about the platform you are considering using.
Because researching an investment platform is beneficial because it keeps you updated and also allows you to identify platforms that are worth your time and effort.
As we all know, there are a variety of platforms popping up every day, each claiming that customers may earn a return on their investment by performing a specific task on their website.
The majority of these websites/investment platforms pay their members for a short period of time before disappearing with the monies of their members and the system being shut down. is an online earning platform that claims to allow users to earn money by sharing campaign posts and referring others to the platform.
Making money online, whether through affiliate marketing or investment and receiving returns, has become increasingly popular over the years, but the vast number of scam platforms that have spread across the internet has made many people wary of participating in any online business.
Reading reviews about any investment platform before joining to see what people are saying about it and if it’s worth joining or not is a good way to avoid falling victim to scam platforms.
In this , I will be discussing with you all you need to know about This review centers round the following sub-topics “Is Legit”, “ Scam?”, “ Referral Commission”, “ withdrawal”, “ Registration/Sign-up”, “ Login/Signin”, “How Does Works?”, “ Investment Plans ” and many more about will be discussed in this Cryptomega Review.
Let’s get started…

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What is ng is an online earning platform that claims to allow users to earn money by sharing campaign posts and referring others to the platform.

According to the platform, ” Cryptomega is one of the most popular affiliate websites that allows users to earn money by sharing sponsored posts, and you can earn money in both dollars and cryptocurrencies.” Every Day, Make Money by Sharing Ads When you share image or video ads on your social media accounts, you can earn money every day.”

How Does Works?

To join, you must first contact a coupon code vendor to purchase a coupon code, after which you must return to Platform and register as a member of
You will receive a $2 welcome bonus when you register on To earn your daily commission from the platform, you must share their Campaign post on your social platform (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.).
You can also earn money from by referring/inviting someone to register on the platform and receiving a $2 commission.
Apart from earning money with, they also have a Cryptocurrency and Smart Phone Graphic Design Training Section.

How to register/sign up on Cryptomega?

Follow the steps below to register for
  1. Go to and fill out the form.
  2. Contact one of the coupon vendors for a coupon code by clicking on the BUY COUPON button.
  3. Select “Register” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Complete each field with the necessary information.
  5. 5. After that, select Signup.
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How to sign in/log in on Cryptomega?

Follow the steps below to sign in to your account.
  1. Go to and fill out the form.
  2. Select the Login option.
  3. Enter your username/email address as well as your password.
  4. Finally, click Login. Investment Opportunities

Currently, Only one Package is Available on
Cryptomega package ($4)
Sharing campaign post $1
Referral Commission: $2
Welcome bonus: $2

How to Share Sponsored Post on

Follow the steps below to share your sponsored post on
  1. Go to the sponsored post for the day, for example, sponsored post for January 1st, 2021.
  2. Save the image from the page
  3. Advertisement
  4. Take a screenshot of the text on the post.
  5. Share the image and text on your Facebook timeline. Make sure your posts are visible to the public.
  6. Finally, return to the site’s sponsored post and click the “Click to Earn” button.

How to register your prospects on

Follow the steps below to register your prospect.
  1. To obtain a registration code, contact any of the site’s code distributors.
  2. Copy your referral link from your dashboard/profile.
  3. Logout and copy the link into your browser; once it’s loaded, clear your username and password and replace them with your prospect’s.
  4. Complete the remaining fields and click Register.

Features Offers also provides training in the following courses in addition to investing and earning.
  1. Investing in cryptocurrencies: Their cryptocurrency classes teach Fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto, binance lectures, advanced mentorship, and proper risk management, among other things. You can enrol in their master cryptocurrency trading classes, which are led by an expert in the field and require a minimum of 30,000 in activities.
  2. Smartphone Graphics Designing Training: With a minimum of 20,000 in activities, you can enrol in their master Graphics designing classes, which are led by an expert in the field.

How to withdraw on

  • Referral earners can withdraw money every day if they have at least one referral (247 withdrawal)
  • Non-referral earners can withdraw as soon as they reach $10 in activity earnings on a daily basis.
  • Non-referral earners will only be paid once they have accumulated a minimum of $10 in earnings. Affiliate/Referral Commission

You will receive a $2 commission if you refer someone to join the platform. On, a referral. ng is a completely optional parameter.

Who is the Owner/CEO of

There is no information available about’s owner/CEO.

When was Launched? was launched on the 12th of September, 2021.

How long has been in business? has been in business for over 2 months.

Is Legit or Scam?

At the time of writing this review, is only two months old, and no proof of payment has been recorded on the platform. It will be impossible to label as a legit or scam platform at this time.
If you believe is legitimate or a scam, please let us know in the comments section below.


This brings us to the conclusion of our in-depth review of It is now up to you to decide on the best course of action to take. If you want to avoid hearing terrible stories, I will always encourage you to use caution when accessing sites like this.
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