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BWS: UPAP Stocks, Redirect Mall and The African Economic War

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Africa is in a critical stage of economic decline, making it the world’s poorest continent. One might wonder why Africa is so poor despite its abundant resources.

The simple truth is that Africa is a pump and dump continent, where anyone can come and exploit its riches and then leave without having a positive impact on the African economy.

Africans are impoverished mostly as a result of the $203 billion in capital flight that departs the continent each year for developing countries, leaving our individuals and governments with no money to do anything.


Also in a report released by the World bank, Sub Saharan Africa importation totals over $400bn in 2020.

Governments across the continent have waged protracted campaigns to increase patronage of indigenous companies, but Africans have consistently rejected all of this reasonable economic advice.

“Rather than that, they chose to provide our money to foreign governments through brand worship and allegiance to foreign brands.”


Africa is the reason that the world’s top countries are making more economic progress because Africa neglected to take the opportunity to acquire economic freedom.

Africa was formerly colonized by colonial masters and eventually gained freedom, but she (Africa) never gained economic freedom, leaving Africa to rely on the Western world for everything.

It is astounding that many African countries continue to import food, despite the fact that Africa has 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land.


Experts anticipate that if Africa maintains and accelerates structural reforms, it will be able to replicate China’s fast growth during the last 50 years.

Good News For Africans

Africans are already taking the courageous steps necessary to finally liberate the continent from economic deprivation, aided by the Black Wall Street.

The Black Wall Street organization has made it their mission to ensure that Africans are economically self-sufficient by developing a well-planned, tested, and trusted ideology that will benefit the African community for years to come.

The Black Wall Street - African Economic War

What is the Black Wall Street?

The Black Wall Street is the engine of capital generation for Africa’s industrialization, leveraging capital flight to provide capital to African-owned businesses, which in turn creates jobs, alleviates poverty, and increases government tax revenues.

Additionally, and perhaps most significantly, the Black Wall Street provides a platform for average Africans to profit from investments that are the cure for poverty via the revenues of funded corporations listed on BWS by simply “buying Africa.”

The Black Wall Street is the world’s only risk-free stock exchange system, as all investments are made using points earned through regular consumer goods purchases.


The Black Wall Street Initiative is an initiative that brings Africans together to work toward a common goal: the abolition of reliance on external foreign bodies. They (BWS) established a platform called UPAP (Universal Poverty Alleviation Programme) where Africans can buy from Pro-African firms via Redirect Mall and earn points that can be used to purchase UPAP stocks.

Charles N. Lambert, the African Economic War’s leader, introduced the Black Wall Street to Africa.

Charles N. Lambert argues that if Africa is to experience industrialization, it must have a counterpart of New York’s Wall Street. African-Americans attempted to do this for their race by establishing what they dubbed The Black Wall Street. They benefited both personally and collectively until envy caused some white Americans to attack them and set fire to the entire establishment, killing over 300 people and reducing it to ashes (The place is still a ghetto today).


“We are reconstructing this Black Wall Street in Africa because our African American forefathers and mothers committed the fatal error of constructing it on Western soil.”

Charles N. Lambert

To fully understand the concept of Charles N. Lambert, take your time to watch this video presentation below.

What is UPAP?

UPAP is the name of a Black Wall Street Stock that covers 25 basic Human Need Apps that are publicly traded on BWS. Holders of the stock earn lifetime monthly returns of $100 for being the first to participate in BWS’s investment by product purchase program.


UPAP 25 Partnering Companies

These are the 25 Pro-Development firms in which families participating in UPAP and COVID-19 UPAP become shareholders or beneficiaries and receive quarterly earnings on a monthly basis. The firms address the most fundamental components of economic growth by fostering the establishment of a strong middle class, food security, and robust infrastructure among the world’s poorest people. Profitability is expected to approach $15 billion per year for the enterprises.

UPAP Franchise Series

Capitalism’s biggest winners are always those who invest in a brand before it becomes widely known and used. As these brands became household names, companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, YouTube, and Snapchat Zoom transformed many private investors into extremely wealthy individuals. Compassionate Capitalism, driven by Black Wall Street, is not immune from providing these types of returns to investors on the African Continent, and the Organic UPAP and UPAP Franchise Series are investments that provide the chance for these types of life-changing returns.

As is the case with Compassionate Capitalism, all Black Wall Street investment programs are accessed via product purchase, so establishing the BWS’s investment through product buy identity. Products are purchased on Redirect Mall to earn investment points, which are then used to invest in BWS initiatives and earn returns. The Organic UPAP and UPAP Franchise Series are investments that are not tied to any individual project but rather to the platform’s success as a whole.


What is Redirect Mall?

The Redirect Mall is a black wall street-style online shopping site that exclusively sells Pro Africa brands. Profits generated by the Pro Africa brands are reinvested in further Pro Africa and Pro development brands that are publicly traded on the black wall street stock exchange system, providing cash returns to Redirect Mall customers. This is why purchasing through provides you with additional benefits.

The first volley fired by Black Wall Street in this economic war is to halt capital flight via mobile phone devices. This equates to about $60 billion per year. We supplant it with our own African-made mobile gadget line dubbed “the no drop out.” Thus, when you “buy Africa” through, you are not only receiving money benefits.

  • Your purchases contribute to the creation of jobs in Africa for Africans.
  • Your purchases provide capital to African entrepreneurs.
  • Your purchases generate additional tax revenue for our impoverished governments.
  • Your purchase neutralizes the detrimental influence of foreign imperialists who hold our society hostage.
  • Your purchase reintroduces pride in African identity and enhances our image and self-esteem.
  • Your purchases help ensure our society’s future.

Reasons why you should invest in UPAP

UPAP is a share in the whole business operations of Back Wall Street (BWS) with a payout of $100 each month and a cash out value of $30,000 per share.


There are numerous reasons why you should invest in UPAP, and we will go over eight of them in this article, so keep reading.

Tech Collaboration: A deal, officially named the India-Africa Technology Pact, was signed that will bring in 11,000 Indian IT instructors to teach Africans how to use the BWS App to enhance their economic fortunes. Over 80 of India’s top news websites have covered the MOU, and three of the country’s leading job portals have launched a recruitment push.

BWS Mobile App: There is now a BWS App with cutting-edge services such as shopping, investing, jobs, television, and social media, as well as 11 professional economic programs open for participation by over 50 million Africans for a weekly subscription fee of $2 ($100M per week predicted over the next 6-9 months).


BWS Job Portal: Black Wall Street has implemented a revolution and mutiny that has resulted in total control of Africa’s labor force through the Job Portal on the BWS App, which has millions of jobs available at any point in time for anyone across Africa, the new Certificates to Earn program, which provides practical business training for all economic endeavors in Africa, and the Labour Capacity review, which introduces new job placement metrics. This alone represents a $5 billion annual creativity that is now open for market dominance.

Tablet Production Resumption: There was a lengthy delay in the production of computer tablets as we prioritized investments in dividend-generating technology, such as the BWS App and its features. The majority of these have been completed, allowing for the restarted production of computer tablets, which customers paying may anticipate to get without delay.

Fintech: There is now integrated financial systems technology with the BWS App, allowing payments to be transferred automatically from users’ mobile money, PayPal, or bank accounts into the system, as well as dividends and salaries to be paid out automatically through users’ phones into their mobile money, PayPal, or bank accounts. You can manage everything entirely on your own, from payments to points and investment, via your phone, wherever you are.


Increased Demand for slots: Africa has been plagued with Ponzi Schemes for decades, which is why the BWS has been so adamant about teaching how investing works through actual business application. This is essentially why we are the only investment that boasts about not paying anyone until all UPAP issued slots have been exhausted, YET we continue to expand. However, with the use of Fintech technology, we will begin permitting automatic dividend withdrawals as soon as the available UPAP slots reach 500.

When over 5,000 organic investors begin to testify about dividend withdrawals, UPAP will cost $1,500 until the last 500 investors exhaust their dividends. Following that, lifetime original stock UPAP will be available for sale if any individual wishes to sell one or more of theirs. An open bidding system has been integrated into the BWS App, with bidding starting at $3,000 per slot of organic UPAP. (UPAP market value increased from $150 to $750 within a few years).

BWS Social Media: Economic Circle is a groundbreaking social media platform built by Black Wall Street with the purpose of forming economic groups, driving projects, and increasing public awareness and involvement in Africa’s economic development. Local business advertising on this EC is only $20 per week, and over 3 million firms will be enrolled in the next 12 months, generating weekly revenues in excess of $60 million.


BWS Legacy: We now own black economic legacy. When you Google Black Wall Street, the first result is Charles N Lambert (our founder and King of the BWS Community), our websites, Our Address, and our message of BWS Resurrection. Black Wall Street is a story that millions of African Americans have attempted to continue for over a century, but the name of Charles N Lambert changes everything. What an excellent time to invest in UPAP stock!

Join UPAP Today!

Now is the moment for you to take a stand and invest in UPAP and Charles N. Lambert’s Black Wall Street concept. So that Africa can be recognized for the powerhouse it truly is.


The Black Wall Street and it’s stock UPAP is a very nice initiative from Mr. Charles N. Lambert and I hope Africans adopt this ideology, as it will boost Africa’s overall economy with time. Thanks for taking your time to read this article concerning the Black Wall Street and it’s products. If you have questions about BWS, UPAP and Redirect Mall drop them in the comments below. You can also do well to check other investment opportunities via the related post section.

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