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Hi and Welcome to Today’s Post on Review, Is legit, Working, Paying, Genuine, does it worth your time, Is fake or real. Maybe all Hyping.

It’s become alarming how make money online platform surface this days, We have made several posts and reviews about some of these similar websites that allow you to make money while watching Videos, Some allow you to make money and get percentage Or commission for referring and so on.

But the big question is, these so called make money online platforms are they legal, I mean are they Legit, Do any of this websites or platforms worth your time and money to invest on it.

This is the reason we always come up with a review so that you will know if any of these sites are LEGIT or total SCAM.

And in today’s post we are going to be discussing about a newly launched platform called BRAD888. And in this Review we will touch areas like, What is How does work? VIP plans, registration/sign up, Is legit? Is Scam? and so on.

So relax and Read to the end.

Without wasting more time let’s get started and hit the jackpot. Review

What is is a newly launched platform that is similar to a lot of platforms that pay you commissions to grab orders on the platform daily. You can also make money on by inviting/referring your friends to register on the platform.

Once you register on the platform for FREE, you can begin grabbing orders and earn commissions, you can also decide to recharge on the platform and join any of the available VIP plans, so you can earn higher commissions and grab more orders.

How does work?

When you register on brad888, you will be able to grab orders and earn commissions. You can decide to join any of their VIP plans by recharging on the platform, so you can earn higher commissions, and grab more orders daily.

You can also make money on by inviting/referring your friends to register on the platform using your referral link.

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Minimum balance 0 naira

Commission 3%


7,000 naira

Commission ratio is 5%

Order quantity: 10/day

Minimum balance: 0


20,000 naira

Commission ratio is 6%

Order quantity: 20/day

Minimum balance: 0


60,000 naira

Commission ratio is 7%

Order quantity: 30/day

Minimum balance: 0


180,000 naira

Commission ratio is 9%

Order quantity: 40/day

Minimum balance: 0


500,000 naira

Commission ratio is 11%

Order quantity: 50/day

Minimum balance: 0


1,500,000 naira

Commission ratio is 15%

Order quantity: 60/day

Minimum balance: 0


5,000,000 naira

Commission ratio is 20%

Order quantity: 70/day

Minimum balance: 0


10,000,000 naira

Commission ratio is 30%

Order quantity: 80/day

Minimum balance: 0


50,000,000 naira

Commission ratio is 50%

Order quantity: 100/day

Minimum balance: 0 withdrawal

Before you can withdraw, you will need to bind your account to the platform, then request for withdrawal, once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit. Rules Description

The BRAD ordering platform is a third-party intelligent matching platform. The platform cooperates with global well-known online shopping platform merchants such as Amazon JUMI Flipkart Snapdeal IndiaMart and Myntra konga, and uses intelligent systems to match merchant orders with platform users, thereby increasing the sales data of each store.

Members in all regions of the world please abide by local government laws and regulations and the following working rules, thank you!

1:The task system of BRAD Mall is based on the commission and referral commission earned by every VIP member of the global VIP in the form of points, which will be credited to the account after cashing out through investment and financial management projects.

VIP daily withdrawals will be credited to the account instantly, and the local partner bank will also guarantee that the processing will be completed within 72 hours!

2:VIP0 membership is valid for 3 days. The commission earned within 3 days can be withdrawn. If you continue to work after the expiration date, please purchase the level you want to work.

You can participate in the work for a long time and earn commissions of the corresponding level every day!

3:The mission funds of the BRAD Mall are allocated to each member account by 50,000 NGN provided by the company. Task funds can only be used for the task principal, and no withdrawal or consumption is allowed.

In the case of insufficient task funds, individual members can replenish the value of the task funds by themselves, and can withdraw and return the funds after the task is completed.

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4:The mission system of the BRAD Mall is random. Members cannot cancel or give up halfway after receiving the task. In order to prevent a series of illegal acts such as money laundering and malicious grabbing of orders, the number of daily tasks and member income commissions will be differentiated by level.

The higher the level, the more the number of tasks and the higher the income.

5:Order grab operation process: Click grab order-automatic matching-submit immediately. (The system automatically processes the order), and the fee is settled immediately.


When the platform matches the order for the user, the order information is sent to the merchant backend. If the user does not submit the order within the specified time, the order will be frozen or cancelled

6:Refer valid VIP members to get referral commission and daily task commission rebate. Note: (The referrer’s membership level must be greater than or equal to the referrer’s level to enjoy the referral commission).

Invite valid VIP1 or above every day. Participate in the Lucky Wheel for free, and an extra VIP will get an extra Lucky Wheel.

7:BRAD reserves the right of final interpretation of the above! registration/sign up

To sign up on this platform, you will need to follow the below instructions:

Input the required details like invitation code, phone number, password, withdrawal password

Click on REGISTER login

To login on, you will need the following:

  • Phone number
  • Password

Is legit? is a very new platform, it only launched in 2021, it is far too early to determine if it is legit or scam. There has not yet been proof of payment from the platform, so I can’t tell you if you should join or not.

Though it’s online Ratings and and review is

4.9 in Score.

Every newly launched no online business is of no doubt that there is a risk attached, so if you make up your mind that you want to invest in this platform, make sure that the risk you are taking its not something that will get you depress. Take Risk you can afford to lose.

You can leave your reviews below in the comment section.

Is scam?

There have been no complaints of being scam. If you have anything to say about this platform, you can leave them below in the comment section.

The Brad Company Profile

The BRAD Group headquarters was established in London, England in 2013, a branch in Los Angeles, USA in 2016, and a branch in Nigeria in 2019.

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The vision of BRAD’s intelligent cloud service platform is to create the world’s most reliable and frictionless business ecological development system and change for sellers.

And increase store sales prospects, and provide shoppers with part-time job opportunities.

BRAD is connected to the world’s largest online shopping platform, with the widest range of 50 million products, covering more than 8,000 different categories, from more than 125,000 regional, domestic and international brands and retailers. Globally, BRAD has billions of users and more than 1,000,000 sellers.

It is an online shopping website for major shopping malls and netizens around the world, providing delivery services to more than 500,000 cities and towns around the world.

So far, BRAD has cooperated with many world-renowned investors and individuals, such as SoftBank, BlackRock, Temasek, Foxconn, Alibaba, Jumia eBay Inc., Konga Premji Invest, Intel Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Mr. Ratan Tata, etc.

Is becoming a household name BRAD is also the first choice of billions of online shopping enthusiasts around the world because it has more than 50 million products that can be delivered quickly even in the most remote villages in Nigeria.

Daily deals, discounts and offers can lower prices and provide buyers with valuable products. Dear customer. let’s start! We have good news to tell you that you only need a mobile phone, laptop or tablet with an internet connection to start joining our team.

Accept daily tasks on the intelligent cloud service platform BRAD, follow the shopping process, complete Amazon merchant task orders, and easily earn seller rebates.

Download the work app now, participate in work at any time, and experience the convenience of making money on your mobile phone! The application is fast and easy to operate, and more than 99% of the Nigerian public can easily join this profitable business!

Final Verdict on review

At this conclusion of the review I want to thank you for stopping and also taking your time to read this review to the end, With this I believe you are someone who want to know the in and out of Platform before involving yourself so therefore I appreciate your effort.

Meanwhile we have come to the end of the review and I want you to put down what you think about this Brad888 platform, Do you think it’s legit or Scam? Drop your review below.