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10 gift cards with the highest rate in Nigeria

10 gift cards with the highest rate in Nigeria

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Gift cardWhat is a gift card?

A gift card is a type of card that is used by a retail store. This card usually has cash value and can be used for purchases within that particular store.

This means that you can’t use a gift card issued by one store to make purchases on another store.

These gift cards are usually given out by the stores to ensure you return back to it. It is sometimes a strategy used by marketers.

10 gift cards with the highest rate in Nigeria

The value of a gift card is never stable, this means that overtime the value of a gift card will change, and this is usually dependent on some of the following factors:

Exchange rate

The naira to dollar exchange rate is always fluctuating and this in turn affects the price that a gift card can be bought/sold.

The card currency

The price of a gift card can also be affected by the currency i.e. a 100 GBP gift card is more likely to be sold at a higher rate than a 100 dollar gift card.

Demand & supply

Another factor is also the demand & supply of a gift card i.e. if the gift card is in demand, its value automatically will go up, and if it has very little supply, it might also have a higher value.

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Now, let’s get into the 10 gift card with the highest rates in Nigeria

ITunes gift card

iTunes gift cards are used for a variety of reasons, due to the size of the brand, your gift cards can be put to use either to purchase music, movies, podcasts, etc. The physical US $100 itunes, has the highest rate amongst the other iTunes currencies.

Steam gift card

This is a key, which could be used to access all items on the Steam platform. This digital asset has heavy demand in Nigeria. This brand is unique because various steam currencies have great rates. Most times the UK card possesses the highest rate.

Amazon gift card

These cards can be redeemed either on the official website or either of the various amazon retail outlets, to purchase items. The amount you get for the resale of your card depends on how you purchased the card. They are different forms of receipts you can get for purchasing amazon cards. Some of which include debit, credit, and cash, etc. Cash receipt holds the highest value amongst amazon cards.

Google play gift card

This brand needs little or no introduction. Google Play is the official application store for the Android operating system and when redeemed, these cards can be used to purchase all paid items on the Play Store.

Sephora gift card

This multinational company is very popular in the United States and across Europe, specializing in beauty products and make-up.

It has also become popular here in Nigeria, and the gift cards have a good resale value.

Ebay gift card

eBay gift card is one of the most popular gift card around. eBay gift cards ranges from $10 to $500 and can be used to purchase anything on eBay ranging from electronics, wears, toys etc. Ebay gift cards are available physically and as e-codes.

One of the great feature about eBay gift card is that they do not expire and have no fee. eBay issues their gift cards through their site or in retail locations.

Best buy gift card

Best Buy deals in televisions, fridges, Air conditioners, and other consumer electronics. The cards have a high resale value, especially if you have a Best Buy gift card with at least $300.

Apple store gift card

Unlike iTunes, Apple Store gift cards are used to purchase hardware items at Apple. Such as; MacBook’s, iPhones, iWatch, Air Pods, etc. It is evident why their gift cards would have high demand.

Vanilla gift card

Vanilla gift cards Come in different forms. So you do not get confused, the One Vanilla Visa Mastercard with amounts of $200 above holds the highest rate amongst Vanilla cards. The rates of these particular type of cards are very attractive.

Nordstrom gift card

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Nordstrom sells high-end accessories and clothes. Its gift cards can be used to buy the brand’s items either online or at their stores. Its good resale value makes it to be preferred by Nigerians using gift cards.

The best platforms to trade gift cards in Nigeria


Prestmit is a gift cards trading platform in Nigeria. You can trade different types of gift cards on Prestmit e.g. Itunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Google play gift cards, Target gift cards, RMB and also bitcoin.

Prestmit has been reviewed by top Nigerian websites like Naijaloaded, Vanguard, Pulse.ng, Nigeria bitcoin community, informationng etc.

Glover app

The glover app was launched by patricia in 2021, and its services include buying and selling of gift cards, paying of utility bills and top up airtime and also converting of airtime to cash.

The new app is available for both android and iOS users, and the app can be downloaded on the Google playstore and app store.

Users of the patricia app can easily log in with their username & password and begin carrying out transactions.


NOSH is the best app to redeem gift cards in Nigeria at the highest gift card rates at any moment. Trusted by over 200,000 users, NOSH is dedicated to allowing customers who have gift cards they do not need, to sell it for cash in less than 5 minutes.


Zabira (grand masters of instant payment) is the first and most trusted fully automated cryptocurrency company that exchange bitcoin and gift cards to instant cash directly to your local bank account. The exchange you can count on.


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