uba transfer code1015995700784097353

How to use UBA USSD codes

Nigeria’s Pan-African banking institution United Bank for Africa (UBA) has made banking easier for a large number of Nigerians by introducing the USSD Banking Feature, also known as UBA magic banking, which enables customers to perform some basic banking operations via their phones and tablets.

uba transfer code1015995700784097353

In this section, we’ll discuss the UBA USSD code and illustrate how to use it to conduct a variety of banking transactions via your phone from your UBA account.


But, before I go any further, it’s important to understand some basic facts about the United Bank for Africa (UBA) for those who are unfamiliar with the organization.

Brief Facts about UBA

United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA) is a Nigerian financial services conglomerate headquartered in Lagos with a pan-African presence. It has offices in London, Paris, and New York and operates in twenty African countries.


The Nigerian Central Bank classifies it as a commercial bank. On the Nigerian Stock Exchange, the group’s stock is traded under the symbol UBA. Tony Elumelu serves as Group Chairman of the bank, while Kennedy Uzoka serves as General Manager/CEO of the bank.

United Bank For Africa is a major financial services conglomerate in Nigeria and across Africa. As of December 2020, the group’s financial assets totalled NGN 7.7 trillion ($19.2 billion), while shareholders’ equity totalled NGN 724.1 billion ($1.8 billion).

At the time, the group employed over 20,000 people. The group has subsidiaries in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Chad, Cameroon, Kenya, Gabon, Tanzania, Zambia, and Uganda, as well as Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Mali, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and France.


That concludes the few facts we can provide; we will now move on to the subject at hand.

What is the UBA USSD code?

To begin, you must be registered for SMS alerts and the phone number used to dial the code must be associated with the account/prepaid card for which you are enrolling.

You may register only with a bank account or prepaid card. You cannot have both of your profiles registered under the same name.


No airtime is required to use the airtime top-up strings (for Etisalat and MTN). Etisalat and Airtel will be acquired shortly. Other services may be subject to telecom service USSD usage charges.

There are two ways to register for UBA magic banking:
Dial *919# to access the Main Menu and select the desired option. If the user is not yet registered, the following registration options will be presented to her/him.



What are the benefits of UBA USSD codes?

It is very simple and convenient to conduct banking transactions from the comfort of your palm using UBA USSD banking, which offers numerous benefits such as the ability to open a UBA account, transfer funds, purchase airtime for yourself, family and friends, pay your bills, pay for your flights, and check your account balance all from your mobile phone.

How to open an account with UBA USSD code

Simply dial *919# and follow the simple on-screen instructions. Your account number will be sent to you via text message on your mobile phone. It really is that simple! Visit any UBA business office with your identification to have your BVN linked to your new account. This will allow you to take advantage of all of the account’s features and benefits.

Note that this account has limitations, such as a maximum deposit per transaction of N20,000 and a maximum account balance of N200,000, and that it is necessary to upgrade the account in order to lift the transaction limitations.


How to send/transfer money with UBA USSD code

The UBA ussd code can be used to send money to any UBA bank account or prepaid card, as well as to transfer money to other banks.

To a UBA account

Dial *919*3*account number*amount# from the registered phone number, and follow the simple guidelines.

To UBA Prepaid Card

Dial *919*32# from the registered number on your phone.


To Other Banks

From the phone number, you registered with UBA, dial *919*4*account number*amount#.

How to buy airtime with UBA USSD code

Use the UBA ussd code *919# to quickly and easily top-up airtime on your phone and the phones of others.

Airtime top-up for self

Simply dial *919*amount# on your registered mobile number (e.g. *919*1000#) on your registered mobile number.


Airtime top-up for others

Dial *919*Phone Number*Amount# (for example, *919*08144123579*1000#).

How to check your account balance with UBA USSD code

To check your UBA account balance, dial *919*00#.

How to book flights with UBA USSD code

  • Dial *919*12#
  • Input your four-digit Magic Banking PIN and choose a bank account from which to pay.
  • Choose your preferred airline and enter your flight’s PNR number (Passenger Name Record)
  • Enter the passenger’s phone number and the payment amount (Passenger Name Record)

That is all. You have successfully paid for the flight ticket.


Other UBA USSD codes

UBA USSD code transaction limits

Existing limits include the following:

  • N20,000 per transaction and per day with a PIN
  • Token – 1 million Nigerian naira per transaction and per day (for customers with token but no indemnity)

Note: Purchases of airtime are limited to N5,000 per day, with PIN authentication being the only requirement.

How to change/reset UBA USSD code pin

To change or reset your PIN, dial *919# and select ‘PIN Setup‘.



Now that we’ve concluded this topic, I hope you’ll incorporate these suggestions into your daily banking. We appreciate your time in reading this post. Please check back for additional updates.

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