How to track a stolen Android Smartphone

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When your smartphone is stolen, it is a really painful experience. Smartphones are now used for much more than just making and receiving phone calls and text messages. Your mobile device may fit one or more of the following descriptions, depending on what you do: Primary Work Tool, Entertainment Hub, or Superhero.

The high monetary value attached to phones is one of the reasons why losing one can be so aggravating. This advice on how to track or find my stolen Infinix, TECNO, or itel phone may come in handy if you lose your TECNO, Infinix, or itel phone.


To secure your Android device from theft here’s what you should do!

1. Use a Strong Phone Lock Option

This is the first thing we must address. It is not advisable to use your name, birth date, or pet names. You can now use a PIN, a Pattern, a Password, Biometrics (Fingerprint/Face Recognition Unlock), or all of the above.

When it comes to Passwords, it’s best to mix letters, numbers, and other special characters. The more time they have, the better.

Extend this Lock to your most important Apps as well.

2. On your Android device, enable “Find my Device.”

Navigate to Settings > Google > Security and then to Find My Device. It is a Google anti-theft app that comes with your phone. You can lock and wipe your phone remotely, as well as view its location on a map.

3. Back up your phone

It is essential to save your data. Back up all relevant information using a Cloud service e.g Google Drive, or a memory card.


The chances of recovering a stolen or lost smartphone are narrow, but not impossible. The following methods can be used to track your stolen or lost Infinix, TECNO, or itel phone:

1. Google Find My Device

As previously stated, you can use this option to remotely lock and track a lost phone. Because your smartphone is unavailable, use a PC or another device to access the Find my device site at


Sign in with the same Gmail account that you used to access your lost Android phone. When the page loads, it displays your device’s name and the last time it was seen online. You can then search using the menu on the Find My Device website.

Select Play Sound. Secure the device by locking it or erasing it (after this the phone can no longer be tracked).

You can also display a message on your phone’s screen to communicate with whoever took it, in addition to locking it with the Secure Device option. The lock will prevent the thief or phone handler from accessing your mobile money apps and other personal information. Even if a phone is locked, Google claims that it can be found.

If you are discovered, you will be required to unlock the phone to gain access.

2. Tracking IMEI

If the above method doesn’t work the other option is to track the phone IMEI number. The IMEI number can be gotten from the side of the phone packaging case or by USSD by dialling *#06#. The next thing to do is to visit a police station and make an official complaint by giving them the information about your phone (most especially your phones IMEI number). After that, your phone would be tracked and recovered for you.

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