How to Return or Cancel a Jumia Order

Is it possible for you to cancel an order you recently placed on Jumia? In this section, I’ll go over how to return or cancel an order on Jumia.

How to Return or Cancel a Jumia Order

In a previous post, I discussed how to shop online on Jumia for those who are new to the concept of online shopping. If you have not yet made your first purchase on Jumia, you can still follow along with the guide.

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to return an item or refuse to allow an order to be delivered to you. One of the most common reasons for consumers to cancel products they have ordered online is that the object delivered does not appear to be of the same quality as the product they viewed online, or that the size does not fit well.

Additionally, customers have the option to cancel products they have ordered even before they are delivered. If you change your mind shortly after placing your order, for example. After all, you believe you have been overcharged for a product because you are unsure of the quality, or because you discover that you have made the incorrect measurement selection, there is no reason why you should not cancel what you have ordered.

If you would like to return an item that you have purchased on Jumia, there are several options available to you. I’ll begin by explaining how this was accomplished.

It is true that customers have a variety of motivations for purchasing, and that the need to return or cancel a purchase may occasionally emerge.

How to Return a Jumia Order
On Jumia, there are two primary methods for returning or cancelling an order.

  1. You can cancel your order by sending an email to Jumia Customer Service or calling the company at 012772367. If your order has already been dispatched, they will make every effort to prevent it from being delivered to you.
  2. You may also begin the return process by completing a form on the Jumia website, which can be found here.
  3. Another option is to simply refuse the item upon delivery and disregard any email or SMS notification regarding the package’s delivery.

Additionally, you can utilise the first method above to track your order or make a complaint regarding payment issues.

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