How to correct and update BVN Details

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How to correct and update BVN Details

Recently, I observed that some customers are experiencing difficulties with the Bank Verification Number (BVN) information they had given. This is why I thought about discussing how to correct and update BVN details.

Registration with the BVN is considered a prerequisite for account opening. Even if you open a bank account through means that do not need you to visit the bank before receiving an account opening form, you will be required to visit the bank before initiating meaningful transactions from the account.


The BVN database is protected. This assurance is offered in response to the Central Bank of Nigeria’s directive to the public that only Commercial Banks be granted access to their customers’ BVN databases. Without a doubt, the information provided during BVN registration is kept confidential.

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However, if you made an error when registering your Bank Verification Number or would like to know how to modify, update, or completely replace the BVN details, you can now edit, update, or completely change your BVN details.

Corrections to your BVN Details that you can make

  • Date of birth
  • Change of the first name due to marriage
  • Corrections in name due to mis-spelling

Documents Required for BVN Details Update

  • Birth certificate – for the purpose of amending the date of birth.
  • Changes or corrections made as a result of marriage must be accompanied by a marriage certificate/affidavit.
  • Name corrections due to misspellings can be made by submitting an international passport, national identity card, or voter’s card that bears the proper spelling.

How to Correct and Update Your BVN Information

To change or update your BVN information, please visit the bank branch where you registered and file a complaint.


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