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How to check BVN on Airtel, Glo, MTN, and 9mobile

Welcome to this post on “How to Check BVN.” This article will show you how to check your BVN online and offline from the comfort of your own home or workplace, without having to walk into a bank.

For a long time, bank account holders were not required to have a BVN in order to operate a bank account, but due to an increase in online banking transactions and prevalent fraudulent activities, the Nigerian government saw the need to implement the Bank Verification Number (BVN) in order to kerb the rapidly increasing activities of scammers, money launderers, and fraudsters.

What is a BVN?

The Bank Verification Number (BVN), also known as the BVN in Nigeria, is a mechanism implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria in partnership with the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) to limit or reduce illegal banking transactions in the country. It is a sophisticated security system designed to reduce fraud in the banking sector and is in conformity with the Central Bank of Nigeria Act 1958.


The BVN is an 11-digit number that is assigned to every Nigerian bank account holder. It is a kind of identification that is comparable to a Social Security Number (SSN) and a National Identification Number (NIN) however, it is only used for banking purposes.

Benefits of having a BVN

Having a BVN is extremely crucial if you wish to open a bank account in Nigeria. The benefits of having a Bank Verification Number are listed below.

  1. A BVN provides a bank account holder with a unique identification that can be verified throughout the Nigerian banking industry (not limited to one Bank)
  2. It safeguards individuals’ bank accounts against unauthorized intrusion.
  3. Having a BVN will address issues of identity theft, minimising your vulnerability to fraud.
  4. All Nigerian banks recognise the BVN as a form of identification.

How to get a BVN?

Getting your BVN is a simple process that takes no more than 20 minutes, give or take. Follow the steps below to get your BVN.

  1. Request a BVN enrolment form from your bank using a valid ID card (voter’s card, driver’s licence, national ID, or NIN).
  2. After completing the form, you must submit your biometrics, such as fingerprints and a photograph. Your biometric information is captured by the bank.
  3. They will issue you a ticket ID for registration reference when you have completed biometrics, which you must keep carefully.
  4. After registering, you should receive your BVN within a few days.
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