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Smedan Review: All you need to know about Smedan

Smedan is a household name in Nigeria’s small and medium enterprise community; as the name suggests, it was founded with the sole purpose of providing all of the resources needed for small and medium enterprises to develop their brand and businesses.

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard of Smedan, but you’re not sure how it works, who owns it, or how it can benefit entrepreneurs and business owners. This post is intended to answer all of your questions about Smedan, as well as frequently asked questions.

What is Smedan all about?

Smedan is a Nigerian government-owned organization that was established to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners. The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) was established by the SMEDAN Act of 2003 to develop Nigeria’s MSME sector. Smedan’s mission is to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with income-generating opportunities, thereby combating poverty. The goal of this initiative is to create a well-structured MSME that will drive general and national economic growth in Nigeria.


How does Smedan Work?

Smedan was founded to provide opportunities for business owners, entrepreneurs, and MSMEs. Smedan connects businesses to opportunities in both the public and private sectors. This means that businesses registered under the Smedan program will have access to both government and private sector programs.

Benefits of Smedan

Registering your business under the Smedan umbrella provides numerous benefits that will help your business, including

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