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MTN Nigeria: USSD Codes, Data Plans and Others

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Are you a new or existing MTN user in need of a comprehensive guide and instructions on how to do some basic network operations? This post will demonstrate how to purchase MTN data plans, how to check your MTN number, and how to purchase data via the myMTN app.

How To Check Your MTN Number

MTN Network

Are you a MTN subscriber and don’t know your phone number or have lost your sim pack containing your phone number then you should stick your eyes to this post?

MTN Nigeria is a telecommunications firm that provides wireless services. The company offers roaming, Internet, bill payment, device financing, data management, SIM registration, and other associated services. Customers in Nigeria can use MTN Nigeria Communications’ services.

In this post, you will learn how to get your MTN number with the methods that I will be listing in this article.


How to check MTN number

You can check your number with the methods below:

  • From a Friend: You can get your MTN number by simply making a phone call to a close friend of yours, in turn, your friend can send the number to you.
  • By USSD: You can get your MTN number by failing *123# on your phone ? dailing app then follow on screen prompt select option 1 and send then in the next onscreen prompt select My account option. In the next screen prompt select My number option. Your phone number would be displayed in the final screen prompt and you will also receive it as SMS.

Now that you have know how to check your MTN number you can show others how to do it also.


How to buy Data on MTN in Nigeria

Do you want to know what the MTN Data Plans 2021 is? Do you have trouble deciding on the best Data plan? Are you an MTN customer who is unaware of MTN data plans? When selecting a data plan for browsing on the MTN network, make sure you select a browsing bundle that meets your needs. This article will walk you through the MTN data plans including how to buy MTN Data plans with USSD and SMS. MTN offers a variety of data plans at reasonable prices to its customers. If you want to get the most out of your money and reduce the amount of money you spend on data subscriptions, read this article and use it as a guide. In addition to the standard monthly subscription, MTN, like other networks, offers daily and weekly data plans.

MTN Data Plans (Infographics)


The cheapest monthly plans remain unchanged at 1000 Naira for 1.5GB and 1,200 Naira for 2GB. Plans that previously offered 1GB for 1,000 Naira now offer 1.5GB for the same price.

How to Buy Data on MTN

MTN Data Plans is a list of internet data packages that are available to MTN customers. The Activation code differs depending on the size and price of the internet data plan. MTN Data Plans consists of the following:

  • MTN Daily Plans
  • MTN 2-Days Plan
  • MTN 3-Days Plan
  • MTN Weekly Plans
  • MTN Monthly Plans
  • MTN 2-Months Plans
  • MTN 3-Months Plans
  • MTN 6-Months Plan
  • MTN Yearly Plans

MTN Daily Plans

The MTN Daily plan are of three types and they consists of 40MB, 100MB and 1GB to buy these Data plans use the codes below;

  • ₦5040MB (1 Day) – SMS 114 to 131 (*131*114#).
  • ₦100100MB (1 Day) – SMS 104 to 131 (*131*104#).
  • ₦3001GB (1 Day) – SMS 155 to 131 (*131*155#).

MTN 2-Days Plan

The MTN 2-Days plan consist of 2GB data daily for 500 Naira to buy this data plan use the code below;

  • ₦5002GB (2 Days) – SMS 154 to 131 (*131*154#).

MTN 3-Days Plan

The MTN 3-Days plan consist of 200MB data valid for 3 Days for 200 Naira to buy this data plan use the code below;

  • ₦200200MB (3 Days) – SMS 113 to 131 (*131*113#).

MTN Weekly Plans

The MTN Weekly Plans are of five types and they include 350MB, 750MB, 1GB, 2GB and 6GB to buy these Data plans use the codes below;

  • ₦300350MB + 350MB Bonus (7 Days) – SMS 102 to 131 (*131*102#).
  • ₦5001GB + 1GB Bonus (7 Days) – SMS 142 to 131 (*131*142#).
  • ₦500750MB + 750MB Bonus (14 Days) – SMS 103 to 131 (*131*103#).
  • ₦10002GB + 2GB Bonus (7 Days) – SMS 105 to 131 (*131*105#).
  • ₦15006GB (7 Days) – SMS 143 to 131 (*131*143#).

MTN Monthly Plans

The MTN monthly plans includes 1.5GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4.5GB, 6GB, 12GB, 20GB, 40GB, 75GB and 120GB. To buy these plans use the codes below;

  • ₦10001.5GB (30 Days) – SMS 106 to 131 (*131*106#).
  • ₦12002GB + 4GB YouTube Night Data (30 Days) – SMS 130 to 131 (*131*130#).
  • ₦15003GB + 4GB YouTube Night Data (30 Days) – SMS 131 to 131 (*131*131#).
  • ₦20004.5GB + 4GB YouTube Night Data (30 Days) – SMS 110 to 131 (*131*110#).
  • ₦2500 – 6GB + 4GB YouTube Night Data (30 Days) – SMS 147 to 131 (*131*105#).
  • ₦350012GB + 4GB YT Bonus (31 Days) – SMS 107 to 131 (*131*107#).
  • ₦500020GB + 4GB YT Bonus (30 Days) – SMS 116 to 131 (*131*116#).
  • ₦1000040GB (30 Days) – SMS 117 to 131 (*131*117#).
  • ₦1500075GB (30 Days) – SMS 150 to 131 (*131*150#).
  • ₦20000120GB + 4GB (30 Days) – SMS 149 to 131 (*131*149#).

MTN 2-Months Plans

MTN 2-Months data plan consists of 30GB, 100GB and 160GB valid for 60 Days. To buy these Data plans use the codes below;

  • ₦800030GB (60 Days) – SMS 119 to 131 (*131*119#).
  • ₦20000100GB (60 Days) – SMS 118 to 131 (*131*118#).
  • ₦30000160GB (60 Days) – SMS 138 to 131 (*131*116#).

MTN 3-Months Plans

MTN 2-Months Data plans consists of 400GB and 600GB and valid for 90 days. To buy these Data plans use the codes below;

  • ₦50000400GB (90 Days) – SMS 133 to 131 (*131*133#).
  • ₦75000600GB (90 Days) – SMS 134 to 131 (*131*134#).

MTN 6-Months Plan

MTN 6-Months data plan consist of a 800GB data valid for 180 days and to buy this data use the code below;

  • ₦90000800GB (180 Days) – SMS 115 to 131 (*131*115#).

MTN Yearly Plans

MTN Yearly Data plans consists of 1TB and 4.5TB of data valid for 365 days. To buy these Data plans use the codes below;

  • ₦1000001TB (365 Days) – SMS 136 to 131 (*131*136#).
  • ₦4500004.5TB (365 Days) – SMS 137 to 131 (*131*137#).

Now you’ve been educated on how to buy MTN Data Plans. You can now make a choice on the data plan that suits you.


myMTN App is the most convenient method to get MTN Services on your mobile phone and it’s easy to use. This post will walk you through the process of buying data on the myMTN app.

What is myMTN App?

myMTN App is an all-in-one self-care app that gives you complete control over your phone account, monitors your user activity, manages your data usages, and allows you to subscribe to products and services from your mobile device while on the go.Everything is now just a touch away with the myMTN App. Take control of your account management by downloading now.

myMTN App Features

  • It allows you to manage your account whenever and wherever you want. This includes;
  1. Activation of Data plans.
  2. Checking your voice and data balances.
  3. Viewing your call history.
  • It gives you access to key security codes such as the PUK number, which you can use to unlock your SIM card.
  • Allows you to remotely load airtime for a loved one.
  • To download the app text MYMTN to 5018 to receive an SMS with a link, click the link to download for your phone OS.

How to use the myMTN app to buy Data

Before you can buy data on myMTN app, you must first download the app by texting MYMTN to 5018 to receive an SMS with a download link for your phone’s operating system (either Android or Apple). After downloading the app, you must log in with your MTN phone number and wait for an OTP to access your dashboard. Now to buy data follow the process below:


  • Now, before purchasing data through the app, you should be aware of the type of data that is appropriate for you. To learn more about MTN data plans, see this post and you must have sufficient airtime amount for the data plan.
  • On the app, select the data bundle option tab, which will take you to a page with a variety of MTN bundles such as Data Plans, Xtravalue Bundles, Roaming Bundles, SME Bundles, International Calling Bundles, and so on.
  • Select “Data Plans” and then select the plan that best suits your needs from the list.
  • Authorize the transaction and wait for an SMS confirmation of the purchase’s success.
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