Email Validation Explained and Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Email Validation

Are you an email marketer with an email list for your campaigns but found out some of the email addresses were invalid after deciding to send an important email to your email list? If so, you should read this topic on email validation.

In-depth information on email address validation will be covered in this article, along with answers to frequently asked questions and suggestions for creating an effective email list for upcoming marketing campaigns.


What is Email Validation?

Before reading further, you should have a basic understanding of what email validation entails, which I will discuss below.

Email validation is a required practice every email marketer must incorporate into their email marketing strategies. Because email validation ensures that the email addresses in your email lists are valid, verifiable, deliverable, and, most importantly, exist, the reasons for these factors will be discussed further below.

Why you must validate email addresses

The success of your email marketing strategies as an email marketer is dependent on the successful delivery of your emails to your contact lists. Assume you have a large email contact list that has not been validated and you went to send your marketing campaigns to these email addresses and at the end of the day, your emails received a hard bounce. This will reduce your sender’s reputation, which will reduce your chances of email deliverability and your emails will end up in the junk or spam box of existing email contacts.


To avoid having a bad reputation and poor deliverability, consider the following reasons why you should validate email addresses.

  • It boosts engagement while lowering the cost of email marketing.
  • It reduces high bounce rates and increases deliverability.
  • It improves your brand’s reputation.

How Does Email Validation Work

The process of validating email addresses is known as email validation. It entails double-checking the syntax, formatting, and spelling of your email contacts. It also includes actions like pinging the email box or looking up the DNS.

The steps listed below can help you validate email addresses.

  • Verify your spellings.
  • Perform syntax checking.
  • Look for the abandoned email addresses.
  • Check the DNS for the contact.
  • Ping the email box

Email validation can be carried out using software or a piece of code. There are numerous tools available for this, some of which are automated and others that can be completed manually but may take a while.

How to validate email addresses

Depending on your preferences, email validation can be done manually or automatically. While manual email validation uses codes like JavaScript, jQuery, React JS, and many others that can be embedded on your desired web pages, automatic email validation uses paid email validation services and tools.

How To Add Email Validation In Html

If you want to manually verify email addresses, you must include a JavaScript, jQuery, or React JS email address validation code on your website page.


It should be noted that this method takes much longer than email validation services.

Email Validation In JavaScript

This JavaScript code validates email addresses manually all you have to do is copy this code and place it on a new page with filename.js.

// Email Validation Code Snippet
Function EmailValidation(enteredEmail)

{var mail_format=/^w+([.-]?W+)*@W+([.-]w+)*(.w{2,3})+$/;



alert(“Good! This is a valid email!);


return true;




alert(“Email Address Not Valid Email”


return false;



If you want to use JavaScript in HTML, copy and paste the code below. And save the file with the extension .html.


<div class="”mail”">
<h2>Enter the email address for validation</h2>
<form action="”#”" name="&quot;form”">
 	<li><input name="’text1’" type="’text’/" /></li>
 	<li class="”Validate”"><input name="Validate" type="Submit” value=" /></li>
<script src=”filename.js”></script>

Email Validation Services and Tools

Email Validation Services and Tools are paid services that complete the task quickly and relieve the stress of manually validating email addresses one by one. The following are the best Email Validation Services money can buy.


ZeroBounce is a well-known email validation service. It has a very high user satisfaction rating, and if you sign up, you will receive 100 free monthly email validations.

Pricing: ZeroBounce pricing begins at $15 per month for 2000 emails.

Emails Price per email
from 2,000 /mo USD 0.0075
from 5,000 /mo USD 0.007
from 10,000 /mo USD 0.0064
from 25,000 /mo USD 0.006
from 50,000 /mo USD 0.00556
from 100,000 /mo USD 0.00385
from 250,000 /mo USD 0.0025
from 500,000 /mo USD 0.002
from 1,000,000 /mo USD 0.0015


NeverBounce is another well-known email validation service. They provide both free and paid email validation services.

Pricing: NeverBounce’s pricing begins at $10 per month for 1000 emails.

Emails Price per month
up to 1,000 $10.00
up to 10,000 $49.00
up to 50,000 $99.00
up to 100,000 $159.00
up to 250,000 $249.00
up to 500,000 $499.00
up to 1,000,000 $999.00


Xverify is another popular email validation tool; however, free validation is limited! You can try out their very inexpensive services.


Pricing: Pricing for Xverify begins at $10 per 1000 emails validated. Their email validation plans are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no monthly fees.

Emails: Price Per Email:
0 – 5.0K $0.0100
5.0K – 10.0K $0.0080
10.0K – 25.0K $0.0070
25.0K – 50.0K $0.0060
50.0K – 100.0K $0.0050
100.0K – 250.0K $0.0040
250.0K – 500.0K $0.0030
500.0K – 1.0M $0.0020
1.0M – 2.5M $0.0015
2.5M+ $0.0010


EmailListVerify is a capable email validation tool that is commonly used by businesses such as Shopify.

Pricing: EmailListVerify charges $0.0040 per email. They provide discounts to customers who buy in bulk.


Wrap Up

Unvalidated emails will result in poor deliverability and a low reputation, and as I previously stated, email validation entails checking the spellings, format, and syntax of your email contact list to increase engagement, improve CTRs, and email opens.

I hope you understand what email validation is, and I hope to hear from you after incorporating email validation into your email marketing strategy.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.


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