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Jim Ovia (MUSTE) Scholarship [wpdts-year] Program for Nigerian Graduates


Jim Ovia Scholarship Program 2021 (MUSTE scholarship) is open to all Nigerian undergraduate and postgraduate students. Eligible Nigerian candidates should apply before the deadline.

Mr. Jim Ovia developed and supported the Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship in 2004 to provide financial aid to deserving Nigerian youth. In 2007, the scholarship evolved into the MUSTE scholarship, which provides financing for undergraduate studies for the duration of the awardee’s undergraduate program. The prize offers a stipend for tuition and living expenses.

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Each year, the scheme offers an average of 100 opportunities. According to financial records, Mr. Ovia invested 100 million naira in the program’s 1,500 beneficiaries as of October 2010.

Mr. Ovia’s goal in establishing the MUSTE Scholarship was to build a network of future leaders in Nigeria who are capable of competing globally with their peers, bringing new ideas and creativity, and committing to improving the lives and circumstances of people in their individual areas.

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All scholarships are awarded on the basis of an applicant’s intellectual capacity, leadership potential, and a desire to use their knowledge to benefit society in Nigeria by serving their community and applying their talent and knowledge to enhance the lives of others.

Over time, it is anticipated that MUSTE Scholarship recipients will become leaders in addressing issues linked to health, technology, and finance, all of which are areas of focus for the foundation.


Jim Ovia (MUSTE) Scholarship Value

Beneficiaries will receive an annual award of 150,000 Nigerian Naira, renewable for the duration of the beneficiary’s educational tenure. The scheme offers an average of 100 new opportunities each year, while renewing applicants are supported annually, subject to meeting all of the Ovia scholarship’s eligibility requirements. Incomplete or non-submission of needed papers, as well as unverifiable or fraudulent documents, automatically disqualifies you from receiving the scholarship award.

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Jim Ovia (MUSTE) Scholarship Eligibility and Selection Criteria

The scholarship is available to all Nigerian undergraduate university students. Each year, one hundred (100) recipients are chosen from a pool of qualified applications. Scholarships are given out on the basis of personal academic aptitude, leadership potential, and a desire to enhance the lives of others in society.

How to Apply for MUSTE Scholarship

Applicants must submit documents for a new or renewed scholarship award through the portal by creating an account. Please note that all scanned copies must be of the original document; photocopied scans will not be accepted.

  1. Fill an online application form.
  2. A valid government identification card (e.g. international passport, voter’s card, national identification card, or driver’s license).
  3. An official original letter (not photocopied) from your school/Head of Department

Jim Ovia (MUSTE) Scholarship Deadline

Application for the scholarship is still ongoing.