Apply for Felician University 2021 Undergraduate Scholarship

Apply for Felician University 2021 Undergraduate Scholarship

Felician University, New Jersey, USA is giving International Transfer Scholarships aimed to reward students for academic performance and help them pay for university.

Scholarship Value: Up to $20,000 (Twenty Thousand Dollars).

Application Deadline: 1st December 2021.

Host Country: New Jersey, United States.

Field of Study: Courses offered at the University.

Scholarship Type: Undergraduate

Number of Awardees: Over 80% of applicants will receive this scholarship.

Duration of Scholarship: Entire length of program.

Felician University in the United States of America understands that many students may require financial aid to cover the costs of their university education. The scholarship programme that the school provides is designed to assist students and families in completing the financial aid application process and receiving the greatest amount of financial aid available to them based on their eligibility for all available financial aid opportunities.

How to Apply

After applying to the University and receiving an offer of admission, students are immediately eligible for scholarships. To apply to Felicia University, go to the Application Portal.

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