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Solita Core: New Safemoon competitor and Community Drive Token

Solita Core Token is a community-driven cryptocurrency that was developed on the BSC network.

The Solita token is equipped with a mechanism that redistributes 2 percent of every transaction to its hodler community. This approach encourages all hodlers to join the token ecosystem as a result of the incentive structure.

Accord to the first version of the official whitepaper, Solita is a meme token with a difference. Solita is aiming to become a top 100 token on coinmarketcap and coingecko, according to the developers, with the help of the community and use case development.


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According to the official whitepaper, Solita is intended to become a means of payment both within and outside of the tokens ecosystem, which means that the community will be able to exchange Solita Tokens for a variety of goods and services on an interchangeable basis.

Token Information

Project Name: Solita Core


Name: Solita

Symbol: SOLT

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000


Decimals: 9

Website: Official Website

Whitepaper: Read Whitepaper


Is the project Legit?

Well looking from my angle we never can tell if this project is a scam yet but I see a lot of potential in this project and it’s gonna be a success if the devs and community alike put heads together to make it great.

So what is your take about this platform, do you think SOLT will outshine SAFEMOON?



Thanks for reading.

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