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How to Claim free SHIB NFT Airdrop


SHIB NFT Airdrop

Copy your BSC Wallet address

2. Visit

3. Paste your BSC Wallet address

4. Then submit

SHIB NFT Metaverse

SHIB NFT is a market for trading NFT metasexes based on SHIB. It aims to enable SHIB ecology, lower the user threshold so that anyone can participate, support cross-chain transactions, and offer lower transaction fees in order to become the largest, lowest-fee, most diverse cross-chain NFT (non-Fungible Token) trading market.

A brief overview of the SHIB NFT airdrop

  • Quantity issued: 200000 SHI (10 percent )
  • Regulations for distribution: SHI will begin the community airdrop activity on November 18, 2021 at 10:00 (UTC + 8) and will continue for 30 days. SHI airdrops are available to community members who submit their BSC wallet address on the website. A single address can receive a maximum of ten SHI at a time. This round of airdrop is completely free, and participants can withdraw their coins after accumulating 50 SHI. The activity will be terminated once the total amount of airdrop has been collected; if the total amount is not collected by the deadline, the uncollected portion will be permanently destroyed.
  • Users can earn additional tokens by inviting friends to participate in the airdrop. Each friend can earn ten SHI, and each individual can invite up to thirty friends for a total of 300 SHI. Simultaneously, invite more than 30 people to enter a lucky draw for works in the NFT market, with a floor price of 1.5 BNB. There are a limited number of airdrops and a small amount of SHI circulates. A single coin is expected to cost $100 in the future. Time is limited, and the number of participants is limited. Kindly invite it immediately.
  • This airdrop enables the Python machine learning system to detect and classify instances of cheating. Those found to be cheating will have their airdrop cancelled.
  • The airdrop address must be the decentralized wallet’s BSC address. Leave the exchange or other application address blank.
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Why should you participate in the SHIB pre-sale?

  • Quantity reserved for pre-sale: 200,000 PCS. SHI will be listed on the Pancake, Binance, and Coinbase exchanges following the conclusion of the presale.
  • 0x86E96282A12A1CE154F1710F414dD6
  • 1 BNB = 1,000 SHI is the pre-sale price.
  • Send BNB to the pre-sale address using your wallet address, and the system will immediately send Shi to your wallet address.
  • Minimum purchase of 0.1 BNB; maximum purchase of 20 BNB.

Metauniverse SHIB NFT

What is SHIB NFT?

SHIB NFT is a SHIB-based NFT meta universe trading market. Its objective is to enable SHIB ecology, simplify the user threshold, enable everyone to participate, support cross-chain transactions, and provide lower transaction fees, in order to become the largest cross-chain NFT (full name is non-fungible) trading market with the lowest transaction fees and the most diverse variety of Tokens (non homogeneous tokens).

SHI is the SHIB NFT platform’s governance token. The total number of certificates issued is 2000000. The community dropped 200000 of them and distributed them for free to users. Pre-sale quantity 200000. SHIB NFT will be community-driven, with the community’s core members drawn from the industry’s top investors.

Smart contract

  • Token symbol: SHI
  • Contract address: 0x9D8F057824FDE5b061CB5e6AD90C
  • Decimal point: 18
  • Circulation: 2,000,000
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain(BEP20)

Road Map


November 2021


December 2021

Pre sale completed

Airdrop distribution

Launch first tier exchanges such as binance, Huobi and coinbase

Launch Global repo SHI


January 2022

NFT platform release

Artists and high-quality project settlement platform

Start large-scale marketing


February 2022

It is committed to becoming a cross chain NFT trading market with the largest scale, the lowest rate and the most complete varieties

Launch the meta universe project

Launch the meta universe project

(NFT Virtual METABUS GAME Coming more notes soon)

More functions, more activities planned

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