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Satoshi Chain Swaps to Core Chain: Claim Free Core Testnet Tokens


Satoshi, an upcoming cryptocurrency mining app, has changed its name to Core Chain. This development has attracted more users to the Token’s community and was a necessary step because the brand requires a distinct identity in the crypto market. Satoshi BTCs has been rebranded as Core, and the token Testnet is now operational.

The Satoshi Token developers made this announcement to its members via a tweet on Twitter, and users have responded positively, with many asking how they can convert their Testnet BTCs tokens to Core Tokens.


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What the future holds for Core Token

The CoreDAO Developers have published a whitepaper outlining concrete plans to propel the token to greater heights. More information is available on their website

How to update your Testnet Core Token

Follow these steps to modify your Satoshi Testnet Token to a Core Token.

  • Launch the Metamask app.
  • Click setting — Add network — Satoshi chain network.
  • Switch the Satoshi chain network to the Core Chain Network.
  • Change tBTCs to tCORE.

Satoshi BTCs to Core Chain

How to earn Core Token (BTCs)

The Core Token is still on Testnet stage Mainnet will roll out soon to earn Core Token you will have to mine with your smartphone by following the instructions below you will get started in no time.

  • Sign Up with this link and download the app
  • Create an account
  • Complete KYC
  • Click Start Mining Button
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