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MetaSoccer: First Metaverse soccer game, has received $2 million in funding


MetaSoccer is poised to take advantage of the metaverse and provide sports fans with unique ways to play and earn at the same time. An investment of €2 million has been made in the first metaverse football/soccer gamefi by prominent international venture capital firms, including Play Ventures, DeFiance Capital, ParaFi Capital, DAO Maker, and Kyros Ventures.

Following the acquisition of significant financial backing from a number of investors, the most recent addition Defiance was confirmed via MetaSoccer’s Medium on December 2nd, the GameFi project appears to be on track to continue its development.

MetaSoccer has been working hard to attract new players ahead of the community sale, which takes place in less than a week.

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The team is working on developing a football-themed GameFi in which users will be able to create their own teams and use scouting processes to acquire viable assets such as players, stadiums, and footballing infrastructure, which they can then trade with other users. Users will be able to place bets on matches that will be viewed on a 2D match engine, which according to the roadmap will be completed by the end of the year 2022.

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What is MetaSoccer?

It is the first blockchain-based soccer metaverse where users can create their own club and earn money while playing (known as “play-to-earn”).

Users can also take part in the game on a m ore permanent basis by becoming club owners or managers.


In addition to NFT drops, fees from various transactions across the ecosystem (such as marketplace sales, betting, token swaps, and so on), sponsorship and broadcasting are all supported by MetaSoccer. The ERC-721 standard is used by all of the assets on MetaSoccer.

How to buy MetaSoccer?

The tasks required to participate in the sale are not difficult to complete. A request has been made for users to follow the MetaSoccer Twitter account. In the process, retweet, like, and tag two additional friends. Input their wallet address in the comments section, and they will complete their KYC.

“MetaSoccer has three key points to be the next milestone in the world of blockchain gaming: It is the first football metaverse with unique characteristics; it has a new economic model based on the token bonding curve that brings stability to the token; and as a studio, they have over six years of experience in developing video games,” says KManuS88, a popular streamer backing the project in the press release.