CORE (Satoshi Mining) KYC Concerns As Mainnet Soon To Take Over

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There have been inquiries about the last stage of KYC identity verification for the Satoshi Core (BTCs) Mining App prior to the MainNet launch.

Core (BTCs satoshi) mining, which has over 52 million app downloads and roughly 12 million facially verified users worldwide, previously indicated that most miners who made mistakes in their names or ID numbers will be given an opportunity to fix them.

When they made that statement, the Core Mining App still included a RealName Authentication component, and new users were requested to provide their names and ID numbers before doing the Face Verification. However, the inclusion of a person’s name and ID number has been deleted, maybe owing to privacy concerns.


Core Mining

To be clear, the KYC process in cryptocurrency or any financial-related service aims to ensure and enforce compliance with “one person, one account,” as well as to remove bad actors from the project, such as scam accounts, bots, or multiple accounts, to ensure that every asset is held by real customers.

So, before the much anticipated main network launch, would there be a second kyc for Satoshi Core Mining?


Participants should focus on their mining because the space for Real Name Authentication is no longer displayed on the primary mining program, new users just need to validate their face, and the most current edition of the whitepaper did not address it.

To prevent misunderstandings, we are unable to comment about whether there will ever be another KYC identity verification for Core Mining (satoshi BTCs). If your face KYC isn’t working, check your internet connection, stop wearing your spectacles, and go to a room with more light before trying again.

Participants may check out the app features, follow the Core Twitter Community, and join the Telegram Group Chat to get updates.


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