review (Is it legit or scam?)

0 15 is a new platform that enables users to mine btcs (satoshi coin), a cryptocurrency that, according to the website, is devoted to building the “second bitcoin.” review (Is it legit or scam?)

You can register and download the app on your Android phone by visiting the website


Essentially, you will be mining bitcoins and recruiting people to join you in mining bitcoins and contributing hash to your mining pool.

I’ll cover everything you need to know about in my review under the sub-topics “ registration.” “What is btcs?” What is the mechanism by which operates?” “ android app” and others.

What is BTCs?

As stated on the website, “Due to bitcoin’s rapid development, its value has increased millions of times over the last decade, and just a few people have caught up with the fastest wealth train of this period.”


This, however, contradicts Satoshi Nakamoto’s ethic of equitable wealth creation and wealth protection.

Sotoshi coin (BTCs) is dedicated to reproducing the second bitcoin, enabling for increased access to the second wealth train. There will be no pre-mining, it will be fair and free, and it will allow more people to possess it for free; this is the purpose of BTCs.

BTCs is a public-beneficial, open-source, and experimental initiative; regardless of the procedure or results, it is a natural outcome of evolution’s survival of the fittest.


BTCs’ sole purpose is to be a valuable currency second only to bitcoin, to create wealth for fairness, and to defend money.

How does work?

There will be a total of 2.1 billion BTCs generated using the block mechanism, with one block generated every ten minutes. Each block in the inaugural cycle will be rewarded with BTCs. Miners who took part in mining receive an equal amount of the block hash payouts.

Recruit miners

To operate the mine factory, it is necessary to hire miners who can offer you with a high hashrate from mining:


Level 1 miners: Your personally recruited miners contribute 20% effective hash > to you.
Level 2 Miners: recruited by your level 1 miners contribute 10% of the effective hash > to you.

Your miner will be any user that registers via your recruitment URL/poster.

Registration for

To register on, please follow the instructions below:


To access the BTCs app, click on the following link:
To download the satoshi currency application, create an account on the website and then download the application to your Android phone.

This application is absolutely free to use and requires no payment. All you need to do is sign up and begin mining. Additionally, you can invite people to join you in mining BTC.


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