Airdrop: Rabbit Finance Leverage Yield Farming Protocol on BSC

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About Rabbit Finance:
Rabbit Finance is a leverage yield farming protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain. It allows yield farmers to earn higher return by opening a leverage position.

Rabbit Finance has received strategic investment from 11 top institutions.

Led by FBG Capital, Redline Capital, Du Capital, Horizon Capital, PCoin Labs, Hot Labs, AngelONE Capital, LBank, BKEX Capital, HBTC Labs and Bibox.

BinanceChain and BSC daily, BigOne support the RABBIT project.

Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your wallet address on June 12th and 6,000 lucky people will get rewards.

📢Our Airdrop rules:

1: Join Rabbit Finance on Telegram group and channel.

2: Follow Rabbit Finance on Twitter and Retweet pinned post.

3: Submit your BSC-BEP20 wallet address.

4: Get 0.02 RABBIT tokens for each referral.

5: Airdrop rewards will be distributed in June 12th.

6: RABBIT is a project supported by the BinanceChain.

Note: They will manually check the participants, Mandatory tasks must be completed, Unfinished will not get any tokens.

Join Rabbit Finance Airdrop

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