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Video: Driver Caught Driving Against Traffic Assaults RRS Officers In Lagos

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They drove against traffic, the police stopped them.

They came down and switched to naked ogboju.

Those two Policemen Mehn! They deserve some accolades.
Thats some Jega stuff type of restraint.

The driver has been arrested and his car impounded pending court proceeding. He risks jail time and his car auctioned according to the laws of the state worse is that the guy's friend even admitted that they passed one-way.

UPDATE: The RRS Officers kept their cool as the guy kept pushing the officers, the guy is chilling in the State CID, Panti right now. All his ‘power’ has disappeared now ... @instablog9ja .... Here is the full video ... The Police Command will drop full details.


His Vehicle would be forfeited too as he already admitted on Video that he passed ONE WAY, Contravening the State Traffic Laws.

Pls Obey Traffic Rules in Lagos State.

Happy Sunday.......

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