Nasboi Biography, Age, Assets and Net Worth


Nasboi, whose Instagram handle is @Iamnasboi, is an Instagram comedian most known for mimicking award-winning singer Davido’s voice, earning him the title “low budget OBO.” he his also called Nas or Nasiru the comedian”.

In this article, we will examine his biography, which will include his real name, educational background, assets, and net worth.

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Nasboi was born Michael Bolaji Nasiru , Nasboi told Pulse in an interview that he’s from Osun State, South Western Nigeria.

Surprisingly, as he has always been mistaken for an Igbo man online due to the roles he plays in his numerous comedy videos as Chief Romanus, which have garnered a lot of engagement and views, he recently took to his Instagram account to officially state that he is a Yoruba man and has no connection to the Igbo tribe.

This was confirmed through many one-on-one interviews with him. He went on to substantiate it by identifying his state of origin and local government.

Nasboi Profile

  • Real Name: Lawal Michael Bolaji Nasiru
  • Popular As: iamnasboi or Nasiru the Comedian
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 26-30
  • Date Of Birth: 13 March 1990’s
  • Girlfriend: Yes (Private)
  • Height/Weight: 5 ft 9″/85kg
  • Profession/Career: Music & Comedy
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Race/Ethnicity: Black/African
  • Religion: Christian
  • Net Worth: $50,000

Early Life & Career

Nasboi is from Osun state’s Odo Otin LGA. He began his comedy career by posting short skits on Instagram; he plays numerous characters, one of which being the low-budget Obo.

Nasiru struggled so much as a musician to create his music career, which yielded no results after several years of hard labor.

According to Nasiru, discouragement drove him to quit music in order to pursue a career as a comedian, which appears to be paying off.

Nasiru’s talent as a comedian was exceptional; he could nearly precisely impersonate Nigeria’s music superstar Davido, popularly known as Obo.

Nasiru the Comedian established his social media profile and fame by posting a few-minute comedy video as a low-budget Obo, in which he successfully imitates Obo’s voice while also rephrasing his words.

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He rose to prominence after a video of Davido linking up with him went viral online, attracting the attention of other social media influencers and stars, like Instagram blogger Tunde Ednut, who began publishing Nasiru’s videos on his page for free, gaining him thousands of Instagram followers.

Nasboi Social Media Handles

Nasiru, sometimes referred to as low budget Obo is a very active social media user, as his popularity is largely attributed to his use of social media platforms. While he is a talented content creator, he could not have achieved such popularity and fortune in such a short period of time without social media.


What is Iamnasboi’s Instagram handle?

Lawal Michael Bolaji, aka Nasiru, is the real name of Nasiru. Nasiru has over 500k followers on Instagram as @iamnasboi.

What is Nasboi Tiktok handle?

He is also a tiktok user with the handle @iamnasboi.

What is Nasboi Twitter handle?

@iamnasboi is his Twitter username.

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What is Nasboi Facebook handle?

He is also quite active on Facebook, having over 237k followers. His Facebook handle is @iamnasboi

What is Nasboi YouTube channel?

Nasboi has an official YouTube channel where he post his comedy skits. His YouTube channel is Nasboi

Nasboi (Nasiru the comedian) Assets

The assets of Nasboi remain unknown.

Who is Nasboi Girlfriend?

Nasiru has confirmed that he has a girlfriend, but he has claimed that he does not enjoy it when his relationship is discussed, thus he has chosen to keep the name of his girlfriend a secret.

Nasboi Net Worth

While Nasiru’s net worth has not yet been determined, it is thought that he is worth roughly $50,000 dollars.


We have reached the conclusion of Nasboi Biography. I hope you’ve gained some better understanding into your favorite Instagram comedian as a result of this article. If, by chance, you believe the information on this page is wrong, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Thank you for taking the time to read this.