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Since 2011, Android is the world’s leading mobile operating system and tablet operating system since 2013. As of May 2017, Google Play Store has more than two billion active users per month, the highest installed base of any operating system, and more than three million applications from August 2020.

Now as an Android user, you might want to explore infinite possibilities to get the most out of your Android smartphone. Following that we have the best Android tips and tricks that you should already be aware of. These tricks and tips will not only make you more intelligent, but will also improve the way you communicate with your smartphone.

Let us start with the list of 5 best tips and tricks for Android.

Tracking your Android Smartphone

Have you ever lost a phone? If yes, then you might have had an awful experience like I did when I lost my phone at the eatery. Sometimes we misplace our phones, and the worst part is if we keep them silent, then there is no other way you can get it back except by using the Google Find My Phone app.The best part of Android is that if you add a Google Account to your Android device, Find My Device will be switched on automatically. So whenever you lose your device, just head over to android.com/find in any browser and log in to the same google account. Now you can see the location of your device and further erase all data remotely, lock it down with a message or make it ring loud (even if it is in silent mode), provided that your lost device has access to the internet and the location is on.

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Using your LED flash and Camera for Heart Rate monitoring

Yes, without the use of any fitness tracker or devices with a dedicated heart rate monitor, it is possible to monitor your pulse rate. At once, it might seem like a gimmick or a joke to you but it actually works to some extent.Now there are a lot of apps available that let you track your heart rates. Those that actually work require your finger to be placed on the LED flash after which the app uses the camera to track color changes under your skin to monitor the amount of blood passing through.Since this is software-dependent, do not expect much accuracy and make sure that the LED flash on your phone is not too far away from the camera lens. I recommend Instant Heart Rate app as it gives the best results.

Installing Linux on your Android Phone without Root

You might be shocked to know that the Linux framework and command prompt can be opened on your Android phone, literally. Today, it has always been a boring job to install Linux on Android and also includes root, but here we have a way to do it without root or any special knowledge and skills. You can install the Linux Debian distribution on your Android phone using the Debian Noroot application to get a few utilitarian things finished. It is essentially a Linux-based operating system that allows users to install and use LibreOffice, GIMP, and other open source software through APT (Advanced Package Tool). You just have to install the Debian Noroot app from the PlayStore to do this then just open it like any other application and allow the complete package to be downloaded for full installation. You will be welcomed by a mouse-oriented desktop interface after fully installed, where you can download and install those programs or games just like on any other Linux version. Nonetheless, if you are bored with your Android, there are infinite possibilities to be explored.

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Reduce Lag and Delays on Android

If you have a significantly old and low-end phone, you can face lagging and freezing problems very often when using it. When performing simple tasks like calling or using Whatsapp, it could even lag. In such a case, you might assume it is due to the device’s aging, well in a phrase, it is real, but using a simple solution can be corrected. Technically, to perform most operations, Android draws from a predefined set of random data. When the system runs out of this pool of entropy, it must repair itself, causing app opening delays.

Using the Seeder app that takes the data generation process and executes it every second, this problem can be solved. It then feeds the information to a new random data pool and proceeds to periodically update it and further uses the data to keep the device pool juiced up so that it never runs out. This results in quicker releases of apps, lag-free animations, and decreased lag in navigation. Note that ROOT is required for this app and is not compatible with the newer Android versions. In such a case, you can also try the L Speed app to speed up your Android phone.
For people who are not willing to root their smartphones, you can enable developer options by taping the build number 7 times in the About Device section, after which you can reduce the animation speed by 0.5X or even disable it completely. This will reduce the animation lag significantly and make your device faster.

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Improve Gaming Graphics

Do you want your Android device to blast out the full speed and gaming performance? Then the GLTools (graphics optimizer) app needs to be tried once.This app needs root permissions to operate and helps you to squeeze better output by fooling it as if you were running a different processor on lower-end computers. Even for improved visuals and better dynamic range in games, you can tune into your graphics.So that is all for now. We are going to try to keep the post updated. Let us know in the comment section that you already know how many of the tips and tricks we listed above. We would also love to include them in the article if you have any other tricks in mind.

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